Pokemon GO: Here’s How Daily Quests Work | Research Update Guide

Pokémon Go is finally adding something players have been clamoring for — a little bit of story. The new ‘Research’ update is huge, adding two new major features to the mobile augmented-reality Pokémon app on iOS and Android.

The two features are; Field Research and Special Research, and they were designed specifically to add more depth to the singleplayer, solo experience. Individual Pokémon trainers will get more daily tasks, more chances to see Pokémon that might not normally appear in their region, and you’ll get a chance to capture legendaries with some light story content.

It’s just more stuff, and after the additions of Generation 2 and Generation 3 Pokémon, there are tons of critters to catch out in the wild. Even if those exclusive legendary raid boss invites are still a complete mystery.

The ‘Research’ Update Guide


Releasing on [3/30/18], the ‘Research’ update includes two important features for Pokémon GO. Field Research, which is a daily task or quest system, and Special Research, which sends you on a quest to find a legendary Pokémon with a little bit of story involved. Both features are meant to help ease players into the world of Pokémon GO, and teach you through encounters or challenges.

  • Field Research adds daily challenges. 
    • For example, you might have to throw three Great Throws in a row when attempting to catch Pokémon.
    • Rewards will be better depending on the difficulty of the task. Spinning PokeStops a certain amount of times, or catching a certain amount of Pokémon will give you small rewards, while more challenging tasks (like three Great Throws in a row) will give you bigger, better prizes.
    • Rewards include a chance to encounter extremely rare Pokémon.
    • Field Research tasks are designed to be quick, simple, and avoid too much repetition. Most tasks are designed to be completed in about 15-30 minutes of playtime.
  • Special Research sends you on an expedition to hunt certain Pokémon types, and might lead to more powerful Pokémon, or even legendaries.
    • Special Research reintroduces Professor Willow, a character that will guide you through the basics of Pokémon GO. You’ll target Pokémon of a specific type to learn more about them, and the encounters may lead to more difficult Pokémon of the same type.
    • Professor Willow will provide tips and tutorials for initial players, or show them something they might not know about the world.

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