Pokemon GO: Here’s the Full List of 80+ Gen 2 Pokemon [UPDATED]

[UPDATE: All confirmed Pokemon included in the Generation 2 update to Pokemon Go are included below. We’ve specially marked certain Gen 2 Pokemon that DO NOT APPEAR in Pokemon GO, and currently cannot be captured.]

There’s a whole new world of Pokemon available to find in the augmented-reality mobile game Pokemon GO. Earlier this week Niantic (the developers of Pokemon Go) announced the addition of 80+ Generation 2 Pokemon, upping the species count to the high 200s range. That’s a lot of Pokemon, and now that we’re leaving the legacy era and diving into the sequels, it’s time to explore exactly what all those fancy and fresh Pokemon look like.

Below, we’ve compiled a complete list of Gen 2 Pokemon from the Johto Region. Scroll through the gallery to check out every available new critter, or scroll through the names and check the links for official descriptions on each type.

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The Complete Gen 2 Pokemon List

Generation 2 includes all the Johto Region Pokemon found in Gold / Silver / Crystal. This includes new evolutions for Gen 1 Pokemon and Baby Pokemon — Baby Pokemon are no longer exclusive to eggs hatching, they can now be found in the wild.

Note: Not all Pokemon listed here are confirmed in the wild — although all 100 Gen 2 Pokemon have models and movesets, certain Pokemon only appear at certain times / regions. No region-specific Pokemon are confirmed. Check out the gallery for images, or browse the complete list below, with links to the official Pokedex.


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