Pokemon GO: How to Use (And Find!) Evolution Stones | Gen 2 Guide

Evolution Stones add a new wrinkle to Pokemon GO, and certain Pokemon will only evolve into Gen 2 additions if you’re carrying one of these key items.

Don’t worry, the additional evolution items are totally free, and they’ll randomly drop from any of your local Pokestops. There’s no barrier to finding evolution items, and we’re going to list all the new evolution paths, including new Gen 2 changes to old Pokemon, in the complete update guide below.

The new “Gen 2” update adds a slew of new features to Pokemon Go. You’ll find new UI changes, more avatar customization options, berries, and the 80+ Johto Pokemon of Gen 2. Still no word on the heavily requested trading features, but this is still a massive update to the popular augmented-reality mobile game.

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How to Use (And Find!) Evolution Stones | Gen 2 Guide

The Gen 2 update for Pokemon GO includes a new type of evolution for new and old favorites. Some Pokemon, after using candies, will now require a specialized evolution item.

The item is displayed during the evolution process, and multiple evolution items will appear if there are alternate evolutionary branches. Evolution items are consumed after one use.

  • How to Get Evolution Items:
    • Spin PokeStops for a random chance to get an evolution item.
    • No, evolution items won’t cost money! They’re totally free.

Here’s the full list of potential evolution items you can unlock:

  • Evolution Items List | Gen 2
    • Sun Stone (Gloom)
    • King’s Rock (Poliwhirl, Slowpoke)
    • Metal Coat (Onix, Scyther)
    • Dragon Scale (Seadra)
    • Up-Grade (Porygon)


New Gen 2 Evolutions

Just to make everything 100% clear, here are all the new evolution paths old Pokemon can unlock, either through evolution items, or by taking new Gen 2 forms when they evolve.

  • Chansey
    • Evolves Into: Blissey
    • Requires: 50 Chansey Candies
  •  Eevee
    • Evolves Into: Espeon
    • Requires: Nickname “Sakura”
  •  Eevee
    • Evolves Into: Umbreon
    • Requires: Nickname “Tamao”
  • Golbat
    • Evolves Into: Zubat
    • Requires: 100 Zubat Candies
  • Gloom
    • Evolves Into: Bellossom
    • Requires: 100 Oddish Candies + Sun Stone
  • Onix
    • Evolves Into: Steelix
    • Requires: 50 Onix Candies + Metal Coat
  • Poliwhirl
    • Evolves Into: Politoed
    • Requires: 100 Poliwag Candies + King’s Rock
  • Porygon
    • Evolves Into: Porygon2
    • Requires: 50 Porygon Candies + Up-Grade
  • Scyther
    • Evolves Into: Scizor
    • Requires: 50 Scyther Candies + Metal Coat
  • Seadra
    • Evolves Into: Kingdra
    • Requires: 100 Horsea Candies + Dragon Scale
  • Slowpoke
    • Evolves Into: Slowking
    • Requires: 50 Slowpoke Candies + King’s Rock

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