Pokemon GO: Halloween Event – Everything You Need To Know | Gen 3 Pokemon & More

The big Halloween Event for Pokemon GO is available right now, and introduces a spooky sneak peak into the Generation 3 list of Pokemon. For the peroid of Oct. 20th to Nov. 2nd, ghost-type Pokemon will be more common than ever; Gastly, Cubone, and Drowzee are some of our old friends, but Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire finally get their due with the first set of Gen 3 Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

There’s more than just new Pokemon to find. During the Halloween event, you’ll also get a bunch of other bonuses — extra candy, new items in the shop, new outfits for your avatar, and a witch-hat wearing Pikachu are just for starters. Here, we’ll break down literally everything new you need to know about the Pokemon GO Halloween event.

Halloween Event – Everything You Need To Know

The second annual Pokemon GO Halloween event starts on Oct. 20th and ends Nov. 2nd. During that period, you’ll get more items, find new items in the shop, and find an increased number of spooky Pokemon. Here’s a quick list of everything new.


  • Ghost-Type Pokemon will be more common during the festivities, and new Generation 3 Pokemon will begin to appear in the wild.
    • Gastly
    • Drowzee
    • Cubone
    • Houndour
    • Misdreavus
    • Sableye (New Gen 3)
    • Banette (New Gen 3)
    • Duskull (New Gen 3)
    • Dusclops (New Gen 3)
  • Candy is Doubled! Candy rewards for catching, hatching and transferring Pokemon are doubled.
  • Log in to get a Mimikyu Hat Avatar Item.
  • The in-game shop carries unique boxes containing Raid Passes, Super Incubators and more.
  • Witch-Hat Pikachu can also be found and captured in the wild during the Halloween event.

Along with those announcements, Niantic also revealed that the rest of the Generation 3 Pokedex would begin rolling out as “early as December” — so we might start seeing even more Generation 3 favorites before the end of the year.

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