Pokemon Go: Pink Egg Raid Bosses | Raid Guide

Recently, Pokemon Go received a brand new exciting update that greatly affected the overall gameplay for Gyms. This update made revamps to Gym battles which you can read fully about in our guide right here. However, outside of normal Gym battles, the update added a brand new game mode feature known as Raid Battles.

Essentially, these are specialized battles that will show up periodically at your local Gyms. What makes these bits more unique than a normal Gym fight is that players can work together in order to take down a Raid Boss.

In fact, there is a total of twenty players allowed to fight within a Raid Battle both publicly or privately with friends and clans. However, before you can join a Raid Battle, you must have a Raid Pass or a Legendary Raid Pass to take part in the Legendary Raid Battles.

Each Raid Battle will have a Raid Egg attached and depending on the egg color resting on top of the Gym, players may be facing against a Legendary Pokemon. Normal Raid Eggs will appear pink, Rare Raid Eggs will show up yellow, and finally, Legendary Raid Eggs will appear in a dark spiral designed color.

You’ll have to wait until the egg hatches before you’ll find out just what Raid Boss you will be facing against and seeing how it will be random, there’s no telling just who will be leading the Gym Raid Battle. As such, we have listed the potential Raid Bosses that are featured in the three Raid Egg categories.

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Pink Raid Egg

Note: Raids with a level three will require at least two Trainers while level four will require five Trainers.