Pokémon GO: Gym & Raid Update Overview | Everything We Know (So Far!)

Pokemon Go has received a big update which adds new features for Gyms and Raids. There’s a ton of information to go through so check out everything that’s being adjusted for the hit mobile title down below.

In general, players can expect some changes coming to Gyms and the Pokemon who dwell within them. Likewise, there is a new multiplayer mode coming that will also take place at Gyms known as Raid Battles.

Here’s everything you will want to know about this latest update to have hit the Pokemon Go app for iOS and Android smartphones.

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Pokemon Go Gym Update

Item Drops

Similar to PokeStops, Gyms will begin to drop items after players spin the Gym photo which will dispense a variety of items for players to collect. However, it’s worth noting that Gyms will drop the same items that PokeStops drop.

Potential Items

  • Pokeballs
  • Potions
  • Revives
  • Berries

Prestige Removal

There is no longer any focus around Prestige with Gyms. Each Gym has only six slots that can be filled and each Pokemon within the Gym must be unique. Combat Power will also no longer be used to order the Pokemon players will be facing against.


A big factor that is being added to Pokemon within the Gym is motivation. Pokemon will have a meter that shows how much motivation it has.

After so long, Pokemon will begin to fatigue which will lower their motivation level and cause their Combat Power to also lower.

Likewise, if a Pokemon loses a match, their motivation will lower. Once the motivation level is at zero, the next match the Pokemon loses will cause it to return back to its trainer.

One way a Pokemon can gain motivation is by eating Berries which can be fed by its team.

PokeCoin Gym Earnings

Pokemon can now earn PokeCoins when defending Gyms. Depending on how long it defends a Gym will result on how many Coins it earns, though the maximum bonus per day is set at 50 PokeCoins.