Pokémon GO: Gym & Raid Update Overview | Everything We Know (So Far!)

Raid Battle

Outside of Gym updates, there is a new co-op feature added in known as Raid Battle. This allows up to twenty players to work together in order to defeat a specialized boss that will appear at various local Gyms.

Players will find a Raid Battle by checking for a local Gym that features a giant egg resting on top of the Gym along with a Raid countdown. When the timer hits zero, the Raid Boss will be unveiled, allowing players to work together publicly to defeat the boss or privately.

How To Join Matches

The Raid Battle can be played by either joining a public room or a private room, in which case the room must be set up by a player with a custom password featuring Pokemon icons.

Before a player can join one of the twenty spots in a particular room, they will be required to use a single Raid Pass. Only one can be acquired daily and likewise, only one Raid Pass can be in an inventory so it’s best you don’t waste them and go into a battle alone.

Raid Passes can be earned for free at any Gym, though, as mentioned, only one will be granted daily for players. Furthermore, for gamers who are willing to spend PokeCoins, a Premium Raid Pass can be purchased that allows players to bypass the need to visit a Gym for a free Raid Pass.

Pokemon Raid Egg Hatchlings

Being that this is a Raid Battle, you can expect some tough Pokemon to be hatched from these specialized eggs. Likewise, it seems that these battles could bring in codes for players to unlock Legendary Pokemon.

The Raid Bosses, which are stronger versions of normal regular wild Pokemon can be captured by lowering Combat Power Levels, though players can only use Premier Balls.

Premier Balls

Gamers will find that Premier Balls will be freely rewarded to them during Raid Battles. However, there are a few factors that go into how many Premier Balls are received.

These factors will include a variety of aspects such as how you are performing during the battle, the level of a Gym Badge you have for the local Gym, and if your team is in control of the Gym.

Players will have to weaken the Raid Boss and use their Premier Balls to catch the Pokemon, however, it can be difficult and as such, you may want to use Berries when possible.

Legendary Raid Battles

From time-to-time, there will be special Legendary Raid Battles. These will require a special Legendary Raid Pass that is only given to the top Pokemon Go players. It’s unclear on how often these battles will take place, though those who win a battle will receive a special badge which will also grant viewers an inside look at how many Legendary Battles the player has won.

Raid Rewards

There are a few aspects that go into the loot players can score after a Raid Battle, but some of the rewards that can be earned include Rare Candy, Technical Machines, Golden Razz Berry, and Premier Balls.