WATCH: After You Presents a Nightmare-Inducing Surprise

Compared to the bright, happy-go-lucky charm of mobile hit Crossy Road, Andy Sum’s latest offering is in another league entirely. Now working under the banner of Normal Wholesome Games, Sum is taking on the horror genre with After You, a disturbing, psychological trip that scales the ether of madness.

As the debut title for Normal Wholesome Games, After You is an attempt to deconstruct and unravel what makes something frightening.

For Sum, developing a video game provides a golden opportunity to do just that:

“I can’t handle anything horrific – movies, games, or anything – so that intrigued me: why do so many people enjoy these things that are inherently unpleasant? So I started making a game in a genre that terrifies me. It’s extremely uncomfortable to test my own game, just designing it has been giving me nightmares.”

Additional details on After You will be arriving in the near future. It’s expected to launch for PC and Mac.