West of Loathing Invokes Classic Adventure RPGs of Yesteryear

Singleplayer RPG West of Loathing has been entertaining players with whimsical comedy since its 2016 launch on Steam. Developer Asymmetric constructed a sprawling, monochromatic open-world bursting with danger, puzzles, optional turn-based combat, and stick-figure customisation that evokes fond memories of Animator vs. Animation.


Asymmetric will be bringing the western spirit to PAX Aus by offering players playable versions of West of Loathing for PC and iOS.

West of Loathing is loosely based upon long-running popular MMORPG The Kingdom of Loathing, and lets you assume a variety of roles including alluring Snake Oiler, fast-talking cowboy, and enlightened beanslinger. The Bonanza undercurrent rises to the surface in the form of drunk horses, disreputable saloons, and a collection of over 50 hats.

In addition to the iOS buildWest of Loathing will be coming to consoles at a later date.

West of Loathing is out now for $11 USD for PC, Mac and Linux devices.