Far Cry 5: How To Unlock The 1973 SSR Pygmalion | Secret Muscle Car Location

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You never know what you’re going to get in Prepper Stashes — the Far Cry 5 version of treasure hunts. Every Prepper Stash, marked with a diamond icon on your map, sends you on a small mini-quest to infiltrate a hard-to-reach area. Sometimes there are traps, sometimes there are explosive events, and sometimes you’ll have to solve a little puzzle. Every Prepper Stash ends with a few perk magazines and a pile of cash to collect, but some Prepper Stash locations are better than others.

One particular Prepper Stash will, once completed, give you the 1973 SSR Pygmalion — basically one of the best, fastest muscle cars in the game. Not very often these stashes give you something other than treasure, so this was a pretty shocking surprise when we stumbled into it earlier on. Even if you completed the game, it’s worth checking out this particular Prepper Stash and unlocking an awesome little car. If you want to complete all the stunt races with ease, this is the car for you.

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How To Unlock The 1973 SSR Pygmalion | Secret Muscle Car Location

To get the 1973 SSR Pygmalion, you’ll need to find (and complete) a particular Prepper Stash location. When the car is unlocked, you’ll be able to visit any car store and select the unlocked vehicle from the menu to spawn.

  • 1973 SSR Pygmalion Location: Go to the far southeast corner of Henbane River (Faith’s Region)¬†to find McCallough’s Garage off the main road. If you start at the Hope County Jail and drive east on the paved road, you’ll find McCallough’s Garage.

At the old garage, break through the boarded-up doorway behind the actual garage to gain access. Inside, press the button at the end of the path to open the garage door. Backtrack to the front and go under the open garage door, looking left for a door that leads into a room full of crates. Climb / crawl through the crates until you reach the restroom. Grab the keys from here.

Now, go back out and to the interior room through the front door. There’s a huge set of metal doors here — use that key we just collected to unlock the vault. Inside, you’ll find the 1973 SSR Pygmalion and complete the ‘Getaway’ Prepper Stash.