Far Cry 5: The Best Weapons For Every Playstyle | Top Guns Guide

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By their nature, weapons in video games are highly subjective. In something like Far Cry 5, there really are no “best” weapons — there are objectively better weapons for certain situations, but sometimes your favorite has nothing to do with stats and everything to do with aesthetic. It’s all your choice, and we’re not here to tell you why your favorite weapon sucks.

No — this is all about recommending the best weapon for your particular playstyle. Whether you like rushing in up-close-and-personal or shooting from a high vantage point to clear an outpost, there are certain weapons that just might work for you. Here, we’re going to list the top weapons in Far Cry 5, and why they’re awesome for certain playstyles. If you haven’t picked up all these weapons yet, we suggest you give them a try. There are so many, it’s easy to overlook the best.

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The Best Weapons For Every Playstyle | Top Guns Guide

Here are the best weapons, suited for one of many playstyles. You can unlock up to four weapon slots, and it isn’t such a bad idea to carry one (or more) of these death-dealing tools in your inventory.

  • Best Weapon That You Should Immediately Upgrade
    • The Winner Is: 1911
    • Upgrade: Silencer

The old standby. The 1911 is a common pistol carried by most cultists, and it is one of the best sidearms in the game. It’s also a perfect choice for a stealth weapon. Grab a silencer for this pistol as early as you can to silently clear outposts — unarmored cultists only take a single shot to the noggin. Even with the silencer equipped, it’s a strong pistol that can kill enemies in a shot or two.

  • Best Secret Weapon For Alien-Based Novelty
    • The Winner Is: The Magnopulser

The weirdest weapon in the history of the franchise, the extraterrestrial Magnopulser can liquefy foes, launching enemies far in the distance and causing some hilarious rag-doll physics. There’s no other weapon like it in the game, and it’s totally optional — and kind of hidden. You’ll only get it for finding Larry and completing his alien-influenced side-missions.

To find Larry, visit Fall’s End in John’s Region, then travel west to Parker Laboratories. You’ll be able to rescue Larry and begin his quests. To my knowledge, this is the only secret gun in the game that isn’t just a reskin — it’s a fully modeled alien weapon. And it is worth getting for the novelty alone.

  • Best Weapon For Drive-By Shootings
    • The Winner Is: Skorpion
    • Upgrade: Extended Magazine

The tiny Skorpion is the most inaccurate handheld weapon in anyone’s arsenal, making it a perfect choice for spray-and-pray drive-by’s. If you want to unleash hell on the constant stream of cultists that pass you by while you’re driving around, the Skorpion is a pretty great choice.

The Skorpion only requires 2 levels of resistance to unlock, so you’ll be able to purchase it fairly early. You can also replace the Skorpion with the SMG-11 or A-99. Both are great weapons — you’ll need extended mags to make the most out of these weapons.


  • Best Weapon For Drive-By Explodings
    • The Winner Is: M-79

The only weapon designed for blowing-up enemies while you’re scooting around on an ATV, the M-79 is a one-handed grenade launcher that’s got plenty of firepower. Enough to destroy any annoying vehicle that tries to follow you. Even better, you can destroy tankers, silos, and other cult stuff that requires explosions without even leaving your motor vehicle. That’s what I call convenience at its best.

  • Best Weapon For Thrifty Sneaking
    • The Winner: Recurve Bow
    • Upgrade: Marksman ADV-X Scope

The bow is easily the quietest weapon in your arsenal, and it’s great for picking off entire outposts worth of goons. Best of all, you can always recollect your arrows — even if they missed! That means you’ll never run dry, and resupplying arrows is very cheap.

Unlock the Quiver and Black Market perk so you can buy explosive arrows, and the Recurve Bow becomes a superior weapon for blowing away cultists in a firefight. You can replace this with the standard Compound Bow with Marksman Scope if you haven’t reached the right level of resistance to unlock it. Both are pretty great choices for hunting cultists or animals.

  • Best Weapon For Destroying Absolutely Everything
    • The Winner: M249

The M249 is an unstoppable LMG that can trash vehicles and armored cultists fast. Faster than a rocket launcher, and it has way, way more ammo. Unlock two perks right away to get the most out of this weapon — Heavy Weapons Mastery, and Vehicle Buster.

On top of that, use armor-piercing ammo and not even the strongest soldiers (or helicopters) will give you trouble. A quick burst from the M249 will shred everything in your path. There’s almost no reason to equip other guns. This thing is a monster. It’s like an automatic bazooka.