Monster Hunter: World – Get A Free Character Customization Voucher Now

There’s nothing worse than spending hours creating your very own custom hero in Monster Hunter: World, only to realize you made a mistake in the creation process.

Maybe the face is too long, the ears are too small, or they’re just a total wash — you’re kind of stuck with your creation for 50+ hours of gameplay. The best you could hope for was a haircut. Now, Capcom is finally allowing us to change up our looks — you can re-customize at any time using a one-time use voucher.

And the vouchers are free! Right now, they’re available to redeem on PS4 and Xbox One. You’re given one voucher per account; future vouchers, Capcom says, will be purchasable through microtransactions. Use your voucher wisely, as the exact date for future customization vouchers hasn’t yet been announced.

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How To Get A Free Character Customization Voucher

To claim a character customization voucher, or “Character Edit Voucher“, follow the links below.

You’ll need to sign-in to your PS4 / Xbox Live account to claim the one-time-use reward. With these vouchers, you can completely change your in-game character — including gender and face details.

The only thing that can’t be changed are the name of your hunter and the name of your Palico. You’ll have to restart from scratch to change those details. You can access the character edit voucher from the save data selection screen.


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