Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Punch Bodies To Earn XP Fast | Exploit Guide

It’s no real surprise that Kingdom Come: Deliverance is riddled with weird bugs and exploits. The fun part is finding — and exploiting — the best glitches. If you’re into that sort of thing.

It’s a European RPG with huge ambition, and it’s already received a giant-sized patch to smooth some of the rougher edges out. There are still some deliciously janky features you can try to gain XP faster. It’s completely mindless, but punching bodies is a good way to gain many different types of XP.

Punching isn’t the only path to fast XP. You can also slash with your weapon of choice to train up your fighting skills without actually fighting anybody. There’s just one problem — you’ll have to find a unique, plot-important NPC if you want to level up your sword-swinging techniques. We’ll explain everything in the full guide below.

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Punch Bodies To Earn XP Fast | Exploit Guide

In Kingdom Come: Deliverance, you earn a several different types of XP depending on your actions. Just for getting into fist fights, you’ll earn Unarmed, Warfare, Vitality, Agility, and Strength XP. That’s just for knocking random people out — and if you don’t want the fist fight to end, you can just continue punching the unconscious body of your victim.

There’s just one problem — when a body is on the ground, you can’t keep punching it! Your fists can’t reach. You’ll also get in trouble for continuously knocking out random peasants if you’re caught by civilians or the city guard. To get the most bang out of your punching buck, you’ll want to drag your victim somewhere no one will see your crimes.

  • In an example shown by Youtuber PokemonSayWut, you can knock out the lonely gravedigger in the village of Sasau.
  • Once he’s out, drag him into the water where his body will float. Stand so that he’s level with your character, and you can start punching.
  • Drag him out further so no one can see, and you’ll continuously gain Unarmed, Warfare, Vitality, Agility, and Strength XP as long as you can keep punching.

It’s the easiest, most basic way to farm for unarmed XP, while also getting plenty of XP in other areas — including the mainline XP path.

You can also use weapons with this exploit, but that’s a little bit trickier. Fists don’t normally kill, but any of your weapons will. You’ll have to find essential plot-important characters that can’t be killed. There’s a few to pick from in every town and city, but they tend to live in areas that are hard to access secretly. Essential characters can’t be killed, so they’ll be knocked out by your attacks and will eventually get back up.

It’s much, much harder to stab essential NPCs in secret, so you’re more likely to (eventually) be caught. If you’re worried about your reputation, select the ‘Infamous’ perk to make it easier to increase your reputation, and only try this exploit in cities that don’t really matter to you.

We’re always looking for more weird glitches and fun exploits. Let us know if you’ve found any in the comments section, and we’ll add them with our thanks.