LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game Walkthrough | Prologue: The Master’s Dojo

Welcome to the LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game walkthrough, where we’ll show you how to complete every puzzle-filled level in the latest LEGO adventure. As a team of heroic ninja assigned to protect Ninjago City, you’ll face off against the evil Lord Garmadon while piloting giant (and cool) color-coded mechs. You’ll have a whole team to unlock and an endless army of Shark-themed minions to defeat as you save the city of Ninjago.

There’s more to the latest LEGO game than a movie tie-in. Combat has been enhanced with lots of special moves and more powerful enemies. Some baddies even appear with their very own health bars! You can dodge incoming attacks, then unleash a variety of special skills to defeat every enemy in an area with style. For being so awesome, you’ll unlock new Tokens of Ninjanuity — special ability points you can use to unlock new powers and upgrades.

There’s a lot to learn in LEGO Ninjago, so let’s take it one step at a time. Here’s our quick guide for the prologue. If you’re ready to dive in and enjoy further adventures, check out the guides in the list below.

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Walkthrough | Prologue: The Master’s Dojo


Welcome to the first level in The LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game! Before we can start the story proper, we’ll need to complete Master Wu’s training. The tutorial will teach you all the basics – like how to attack, and how to use the new Rushing Boar move! You can also perform cool jump attacks.

Your Ninjago heroes get a few new abilities you won’t find in other LEGO games. First, their jump attacks can string together, comboing straight into another flying or grounded enemy instantly. Your Ninjago team can also double-jump and perform a sweet smash-attack that creates an shockwave blast.

To defeat armored bad guys, when you attack – mash the attack button! Just press it really, really fast and you’ll defeat bad guys that are covered in armor.

Tokens Of Ninjanuity: Here’s another new feature! After completing awesome acts of heroism, you’ll be rewarded with Tokens of Ninjanuity. With these special toeksn, you can unlock new cool power – for now, we can only select “The Art of the Skyward Dragon” – which is a new attack that launches your enemies into the air and leads into a barrage of powerful attacks. Not a bad start, huh? There are lots of other cool unlocks, like double studs.

Double jump and attack to perform a ground-pound shockwave attack!

Give the Skyward Dragon attack a try on the wooden dummy after unlocking it. After that, you’ll have to fight four waves of enemies. Don’t worry, you can’t really lose or anything – but you can generate giant attack combos! Try varying your attacks. When the armored guys appear, use new attacks you haven’t tried before or they’ll block you! If a ground attack doesn’t work, try a rush attack or use a jump attack.

When the goons are defeated, you’ll have to fight the evil Master Chicken! Okay, he’s not so evil, but he is a boss fight. He’ll spin around! And when he does spin, press [R2 / RT] to dodge. Wait for him to spin out and then use jump-attacks to combo him into infinity. When he’s not spinning, you’re free to attack and defeat him – when his health bar is empty, you win!