LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game Walkthrough | Level 4: Uncrossable Jungle

In Level 4: The Uncrossable Jungle, the LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game team encounters a whole bunch of new challenges while new abilities are unlocked. Cole gains his spinjitzu powers, allowing him to destroy cracked LEGO objects in the environment. It’s pretty handy for destroying bad guys that are far away, too.

This is just the start of your long journey to the Temple of the Ultimate Ultimate Weapon, and it culminates in a boss battle against the evil Lord Garmadon, who’s busy tracking your team down at the start of the stage.

The jungle is a big place, and there are lots of detours along the way. We won’t get into too much detail. This is all about how to complete the story, but there is an Ancient Scroll you can unlock about halfway through the level. Anything that’s worth collecting, we’ll let you know!

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Walkthrough | Level 4: The Uncrossable Jungle

To reach the Uncrossable Jungle, enter the warehouse from the dock and break the glowing LEGO object. Build the bricks and use Master Wu on the marker. That will open the door to the underground tunnel. Enter the green light to start Level 4!


Chapter 7: The Uncrossable Jungle

Welcome to the jungle that can’t be crossed. You’ll have to cross it. Just run straight forward until you reach a locked gate. Push down the statue to the right on the checkerboard floor to create a pile of hopping bricks you can build into staff marker. Use Master Wu to open the gate with that staff marker!

Ahead, cut through the vines with Lloyd, then wall-run (and jump!) across the deadly quicksand. Press [A / Cross] whenever the prompt appears to make things a little easier. There’s a good view of Ninjago City on the ridge, and left there’s a pack of monsters having a picnic.

The snakes are having a picnic!

Ruin the picnic with ninja-style kicks and punches, then pull down the tall ruin pillar with two grapples at once. Then you can run across and up more columns to get over the mote.

The big door ahead doesn’t look so easy to open! Here, you’ll have to use Spinjitzu –by holding [B / Circle] you can wind up each character’s individual Spinjitzu. To get started, use Master Wu to flip the red marker to the green side – Master Wu has wind spinjitzu, so he launches a little tornado!

Use Master Wu’s spinjitzu on the red square markers.

To unveil the second spinjitzu marker, climb the LEGO wall to the left of the stairs. Smash the LEGO object and build a little launch platform under the boulder. Use Nya’s spear on the marker to drop the boulder. It’ll smash the statue below, leaving behind even more hopping bricks! Get building.

Now Master Wu can spinjitzu the second red marker, unlocking the ancient door. The jungle area ahead is huge! Don’t get lost – slide down the mud hill and fight the bad guys near the boom box. Then you can use the lilly pads to hop over the water and to the ruin with two torches – there’s a cracked wall on the wall. Only Cole can break through!

After hitting the hammer, use Cole (or Master Wu) spinjitzu to destroy the targets on the tracks to the left.

A short cutscene will play, and Cole will unlock his inner Spinjitzu powers, gaining the strength to destroy cracked LEGO objects with his hammer spinjitzu. Inside the spooky temple, defeat the snakes and smash the LEGO chest in the back. It takes a few hits! Build the bricks and hit the hammer marker with Cole’s hammer. The rolling icon gets stopped a few times before it can unlock the door – Cole’s spinjitzu can also break targets, just like Zane’s sharpshooter ability.

That will open the door, leading to a view of the jungle. Use any character to turn the crank, making a pillar path to another ancient ruin! Wall run up and use the wires to reach the top of the ruins, then slide down the last rope to reach the high ledge that leads to a bridge.

Destroy all the LEGO objects in the boulder’s path to re-raise the bridge.

The snake jerks will cut down the rope bridge, but there’s another way. Use Cole’s spinjitzu on the cracked LEGO to the left of the bridge. Use spinjitzu on the markers that appear in the wall three times to roll the boulder into the cup. That raises the bridge, and leads into a big battle against a swarm of snakes.

Beat up the snake guys, and find the obstacle course on the wooden platform. You’ll need to hop on pillars and swing across grapple points. The wooden catwalk you land on will crack and fall, but you can easily use the handholds to climb back up! Skip the gold brick marker, and continue along the cliffs to reach another rope bridge.

There’s an ancient scroll in the hanging log above this quicksand. Check the description below for details to grab it.

You can cross this one without any problems. Get over the quicksand to reach a new zone.

  • Ancient Scroll #4: You can get this Ancient Scroll after leaving the large jungle with the gold brick door. There’s a hanging log above a passage of quicksand with this scroll. To collect it, get through the quicksand, then climb the vertical wall run opposite the destroyed bridge. At the top, grapple swing onto the log and run to the far end.

Use the destroyed sections of the bridge to jump across the quick sand. Skip the vertical wall run and go down the old steps to find a cracked LEGO shack. Blast it with Cole’s spinjitzu power, and hop across the poles to interrupt the snake’s volleyball game. Beneath the old dojo, use the wall runs to reach the top of the shaft, then swing on the pole and onto the ledge. Shimmy left, and jump to the next vertical wall run. Continue through the tower and slide down the exit rope.

Climb the tree until you peel off enough bark to reveal a cracked wall. Blast it with Cole’s spinjitzu to knock the tree down, turning it into a bridge! Congratulations, you just crossed the uncrossable jungle.

Wait for Lord Garmadon to stop spinning, then counter-attack!

BOSS: Lord Garmadon

Before the level is over, you’ll have to defeat Lord Garmadon! On the bridge, Garmadon uses a spin attack. You’ll only have control of Lloyd and Master Wu here – attack Garmadon when he’s stunned after a spin attack. After the first wave, he’ll send six snake goons. Defeat all six before the fight can continue.

Jump over Garmadon’s fire wall and attack when he reappears. If your regular attacks don’t work, try a jump-attack! Keep fighting, and press [B / Circle] when the prompt appears to really damage Garmadon. He’ll summon seven goons this time! After they’re gone, give Garmadon another walloping after jumping his fire wall to end the level.