LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game Walkthrough | Level 1: Ninjago City North

The LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game throws your team of heroic ninja right into the action as Lord Garmadon and his Shark Army attempt to take over Ninjago City. You’ll fight in the skies and on the ground in three separate chapters — first you’ll blast flying Shark Army mechs out of the sky before swapping to Kai and Cole. They’ve got to trek across Ninjago City North to reach their parked mechs and join in on the fun.

The big battle against Lord Garmadon is just the first of many, but his Shark Mech looks pretty dangerous. Instead of being stuck on a flight path, you’ll be able to hover freely — moving left and right to spin around the boss and blast all his weakpoints. There’s a lot to learn in these early levels, but we’ll do our best to show you exactly what you need to do.

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Walkthrough | Level 1: Ninjago City North

Ninjago City is under attack! Lord Garmadon and his Shark Army are invading. The team assembles, and we dive right into the action as our heroes smash up the Shark Army from the skies.


Chapter 1: Ninjago City Approach

In this sequence, we’re in control of flying ships – there’s chaos everywhere as enemies dive-bomb the city and stuff explodes. Try to focus on the green-highlighted enemies. A number will appear onscreen. Blast them all

NOTE: While piloting your ninja vehicles, press [B /Circle] when you’re targeting multiple enemies on the screen at once. You’ll launch tracking missiles that will blow them all up!

You can swap between green and blue, but they’re both equally effective at blowing stuff up. For extra points, fly through the circles of gold / blue studs for big bonuses.

Chapter 2: Ninjago City North

Back to our normal minifig gameplay, we’ve got Cole and Kai working together to defeat bad guys on the rooftop. Double-jump toward the foreground and defeat all 10 baddies. A enemy mech will appear with a whole bunch of hopping bricks.

Hopping bricks are what we’ll use to construct LEGO sets! All you have to do is hold [B / Circle] to start building. This time, the Ninja will build a cool dragon catapult. Interact with the marker (hold [B / Circle]) and spin [Left Thumbstick] to launch at the mech. When it’s destroyed, the path forward will be open.

Bust up all the bad guys and build the hopping bricks to enter the office.

In the office, you’ll get a glimpse of your Ninja mechs in the far-off distance. Whenever you don’t know what to do, look for shining LEGO objects! When you smash a LEGO object giving off a white light, it will generate hopping bricks. Build the hopping bricks to create a laser that cuts through the window.

To break through the weakened window, swap to Cole and use his hammer ability. Hop down to the streets below and defeat 10 more minions. That summons flying Drones – remember to jump-attack these bots! Keep smashing bad guys as they appear and you’ll get a quick cutscene.

After the short scene, hopping bricks will appear. Build them and use Cole’s hammer on the fireworks to create a stunning display! And it’ll help you get closer to your Ninja Mechs. That’s important too.

When the fireworks explore, climb the wall with the glowing blue squares – that’s a LEGO wall that Ninjas can scamper up. Ninjas are notoriously good wall runners. At the top, wall-run then hop across the LEGO objects until you reach a wire. Slide down and across it to get across the river.

Hop across the buoys and boats to reach the other side of the canal. More Shark Army thugs are waiting!

On the other side, we’ll find an odd golden door. Ignore that for now, because we’re crossing the canal again. Jump across using the glowing buoys and defeat the gang of fish-themed goons on the opposite side. When they’re defeated, a tough goon with his own health bar and a squid-helmet will appear! Wait for his spin-attack to stop, then use your [Grab + Strike] ability to defeat him fast.

See the fires in the back of the area? Break the LEGO objects to the left and right, then build the hopping bricks to create a device Kai can use. While Kai is holding the door open, swap to Cole and wall-run up to the top. Beat up the bad guys and build the hopping bricks to create a lever. Turn the wheel and you’ll make a grapple point.

Press [A / Cross] on the dock to swing across. There are more enemies ahead, but you don’t have to defeat them all. Wall-run up on the left, then across and over the poles to reach a high platform with a glowing LEGO object. You know what to do! Smash it to get hopping bricks.

Build the generator on the left, then on the right to defeat the Mech blocking your path.

Multi Builds: Instead of giving you just one choice, you’ll be able to build multiple things during a Multi Build. While holding [B / Circle], hold left or right to create different objects.

For this first Multi Build, build the generator on the left, then on the right. Just smash the LEGO object you built to start Multi Building again. When the air conditioner is fully charged, it will fall down and smash the mech that’s blocking your path.

Of course, more bad guys appear and destroy the bridge to your Ninja Mechs. Go to the destroyed bridge and smash the Ice Cream Stand until you find a wall you can run up. Go up and left and up again to reach the main street.

Go toward the green glow! You can’t use it yet, but you can pull down the broken lift to find hopping bricks.

Up on the main street, defeat a bunch more enemies and move toward the bright green glow to the left of wrecked building. There’s nothing you can do with that big green glow, but after the enemies are destroyed, a grapple point will appear on the broken lift. Use it to pull down bricks and build!

See those glowing red bombs? Press [Y / Triangle] to move them! Move the bomb onto the catapult launcher, then use Cole’s hammer to blow open the wall. Up top, grab the Polybag to unlock a random minifig character!

Jump up into the destroyed building and use the red wall-run to reach the third floor. To the left, swing across and continue up to reach the next waypoint.

Ancient Scroll #1: Collectable Detector – After the red LEGO bridge to your Ninja Mechs is totally destroyed, you’ll have to take a detour. After climbing the destroyed building, you’ll reach a long slide down the rubble. At the bottom, you’ll find an Ancient Scroll. This one can’t be missed.

At the bottom of the slide, use both heroes to pull the grapple points on the generator. That will disable the electricity, allowing you to continue across the bridge. Break the LEGO vehicle and build a trampoline to jump across. Fight down the slope (back-left) and defeat a whole bunch more enemies until a new mech appear.

The fishing rod will get rid of these fishy mech suit. When it’s destroyed, build the leftover bricks to create a trampoline.

A weird fish mech appears in a cutscene and blasts the area, but it’s distracted! To the right, build the hopping bricks and climb the poles up to a balcony. Destroy the glowing LEGO object and build it into… a fishing pole? Turn the crank to lower the pole and catch the annoying fish mech.

Use the leftover parts from the destroyed mech to build a trampoline up to the path leading to your mechs. Pull the dual grapple points, then hammer through the second obstacle in the wall of debris.

Blast the glowing shield drones on the rooftops when they appear!

Chapter 3: Ninjago City Crater

Instead of fighting on the ground, you’re now hovering around the big bad guy in his shark mech. To take him down, target the red weak point on his ship. You’re not stuck on a set trajectory anymore. Now you can freely circle the bad guy mech.

After breaking all the weakpoints, four new shield mechs will appear. Spin around the arena and shoot the glowing red heat sinks on the back of each mech to remove that shield. You can also blast the floating enemies between each building for extra studs.

When the shields are out, the bad guy will unleash missile barrages. Keep moving left and right, and press [B / Circle] when prompted to shoot multiple weakpoints or missiles. To defeat the bad guy, hold [B / Circle] then tap the strike button to bash him into submission!