LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game: The Complete Cheat Codes List

The LEGO series of games are some of the last to keep the long-tradition of cheat codes alive. The LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game continues the trend, including a list of cheat codes you can input at any time to unlock new characters to play around with. Who doesn’t love cheat codes? We adore cheat codes, and you can find the list of codes we’ve found (so far) below.

Cheat Codes are a totally different thing than Red Bricks. See, Red Bricks are special “cheats” you can purchase in-game that give you lots of cool effects, but you’ll actually have to earn them. To earn a Red Brick, you’ll have to find it in a level or environment, then spend your hard-earned studs to unlock. Once a Red Brick is unlocked, you can turn the cheat-y effects off and on as much as you please. Red Bricks do cool stuff like multiply the amount of studs you collect, or make every character sport a fancy bushy mustache. There are lots of random effects, and finding them all is just one of the things every kid absolutely must do in a LEGO game.

Cheat Codes, on the other hand, require no special in-game stuff. All you have to do is input these codes for new minifig characters. We can’t say no to more minifigs in any situation.

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Cheat Codes List

[Work-in-Progress: We’re still in the process of uncovering every cheat code for the  LEGO Ninjago Movie. Check back soon for discoveries!]

How To input Cheat Codes: Open the Pause Menu then select Enter Code. Input the codes listed below!


Cheat Codes can be used to unlock extra characters totally for free, as early as the start of the game! Codes can be input in any of the Free Roam areas.

  • Ceremonial Robes Nya – 8755Q9
  • Garmadon In Pajamas – LLPQ6X
  • Highschool Cole – SMMNCC
  • Highschool Jay – XVTULS
  • Highschool Zane – 5NHRS5
  • Polybag Lloyd – H7HGT3
  • Mystery Character – EFZ2XR

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