LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game Walkthrough | Level 2: Ninjago City Beach

Lord Garmadon just doesn’t know when to give up! In the second level of The Lego Ninjago Movie Video Game, your team of Ninja heroes must stop yet another attack on the city by Lord Garmadon and his Shark Army minions. It’s a lot like the first attack, only this time you’ll have to fight a Mech Crab boss battle.

That isn’t the only boss encounter in this level, but it is the first “real” boss — the Mech Crab has a health bar, special attacks, the works! You’ll need to dodge its charge attack, then target the green pistons on its legs with Zane’s sharpshooting abilities. Other characters can take him down, but this ninja master thinks Zane is the best possible choice. See how to fight your way through an invaded Ninjago City Beach with the complete step-by-step story walkthrough.

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Walkthrough | Level 2: Ninjago City Beach

Before we can start the second level proper, you’ll appear in Ninjago City Free Roam. Here, you can complete lots of fun optional activities! To make the path to the Secret Dojo, follow the blue waypoints. At the school, wall-run up to the right of the front door and use the handholds to reach the left side of the roof.

See the checkerboard floor pattern? Push the LEGO crate along the track and off the roof then build the hopping bricks below. Use Cole to ring the below and you’ll open the doors to… the Character Creator! You can stop here to make a new character, or go through the large gate to the left to start Level 2.


Chapter 4: Ninjago City Beach

Garmadon is attacking… again! This time you’ll play as Nya and Zane. Defeat the goons at the burning barricade, then use Nya on the Ice Cream Truck to make hopping bricks appear. Construct to make a sharpshooter target appear!

NOTE: To use long-distance attacks, press and hold the strike button [X / Square] and highlight the target. Zane has a bow that he can use to shoot glowing targets.

Swap to Zane and shoot the target. The sound wave cannon will smash the strorefront windows. Climb up the yellow walls then shoot the target on the hanging window-washer lift. Build the hopping bricks, and you’ll be able to cross over to the next rooftop!

Another enemy mech will appear and block your progress. With Zane, enter the digital holographic marker to hack the sign and detect a weakpoint. To complete the hack, just copy the directions as they appear. Finish the hacking minigame to make a new sharpshooter target appear – shoot it with Zane to smash that mech!

Hack the sign then shoot the targets that appear with Zane to destroy the mech blocking your way forward.

Slide down and fight the goons until another mech appears with reinforcements. Defeat these guys until a flyer crashes into the wooden gate, making two grapple points appear. Use both characters to pull the grapple points to break down the gate to the harbor.

Ahead, the harbor is totally wrecked. To get across the gap, wall run up the red wall to the left of the hole. At the top, use Nya’s spear on the generator so you can safely cross the wire to the opposite roof. Use the poles to jump and reach pipes you can slide back down. Ahead, there’s another fire you’ll have to put out.

Pull the double grapple points at the green Crab Truck to get hopping bricks. This is a Multi Build – build the pipe connector on the right first, then smash it and build the fire truck machinery on the left to put out this fire.

On the pier, use Nya on the container to the left, and use Zane to shoot down the boat on the right.

There’s another fire! Go down toward the pier, to the burning bridge area. Use Nya to open the LEGO container to the left, and shoot the targets holding up the boat to the right. That will get you the hopping bricks you need. Construct the cannons and hop on! Blast the incoming flying mechs until the cutscene starts.

The last mech crashes through the red gate! Backtrack to the area that’s now full of minions and defeat them, going left through the busted gate wall. Follow the dock to the boat – which collapses, so be quick on the jump button – and fight through enemies. Use the boats and buoys to jump across and reach the next gate.

At the beach gate, smash the white / red LEGO vehicle to start a Multi Build! Build the LEGO gears on the left, then the right to unlock the gate to the beach. On the beach, defeat 20 minions to unlock the second area. On the second section, you’ll face off against the Mech Crab!

The Mech Crab is like a real video game boss! Dodge his attacks and blast his weakpoints when they’re exposed.

BOSS: Mech Crab

The giant Mech Crab stomps around the beach, launching projectiles and charging at your Ninja heroes! Dodge when the crab charges, and it’ll smash itself into a wall, temporarily stunning it. When the red pistons turn green, you can attack them! Try targeting the pistons with Zane’s sharpshooter ability to easily attack and destroy them.

If you’re quick, you can destroy two leg pistons at once! Break all four to defeat the mech.

The beach isn’t saved yet. Zane and Nya need to get their mechs first. Climb the broken wooden dock using the poles to reach the street and reacquaint Nya and Zane with their cool vehicles.

Chapter 5: Ninjago City Skyline

The final encounter is full of glowing green shield drones. Blast them all until the shield percentage hits 0%.

Back in the skies! For this quick chapter, you’ll fly around the wrecked city. Blast 15 Shark Army weapons to end the flight. There are way more than 15 Shark Army vehicles, and you’ll continue to circle the area until 15 are destroyed.

After that, the team re-focuses on Garbadon’s massive mech suit. His shields are even more powerful this time! Target the green-glowing floating drones that generate his shields. There are a lot of them, so keep blasting until his shields are at 0%. The drones will shoot back at you too, so keep hovering left or right! When the shields are down, the battle is over.