LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game Walkthrough | Level 3: Ninjago City Docks

The team is scattered in Level 3 of the LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game — as Lloyd, you’ll have to rescue the trapped ninja from their busted mechs. The Shark Army has taken over Ninjago City, and there’s nothing you can do (yet!) but find your friends and escape into the jungles. The level itself gives you access to almost every ninja for the very first time, too.

Meowthra, the giant cat-monster that’s wrecking the city thanks to Lord Garmadon’s new laser pointer Ultimate Weapon, can’t be defeated by the gang of ninja alone. They’ll need to acquire the Ultimate Ultimate Weapon, which is a weapon that’s even better than the Ultimate Weapon, naturally! To get it, you’ll have to trek through the Uncrossable Jungle, navigate the Dark Ravine, and climb the Unclimbable Mountain. Sounds pretty tough. We’ll show you how it’s done.

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Walkthrough | Level 3: Ninjago City Docks

No tricky path to unlock this level. Just run up the stairs and into the bright green glow to start Level 3.


Chapter 6: Ninjago City Docks

The Shark Army has taken over the city! They’re rounding up civilians, stealing stuff, and generally causing problems for everyone. For this level, you’ll take control of Jay and Lloyd. Wall run up the red wall, then across and swing. Continue toward the courtyard, and a Shark Army mech will appear in the courtyard below.

Go down below and defeat the Shark Army goons, then go through the open gate. Wall run and jump up to the upper rooftop, then swap to Lloyd to cut at the sword icon. Drop back down and build the hopping bricks to create a Multi Build! Build the object on the right, then use Jay to activate it. That’ll get rid of the Piranha mech.

The Shark Army just won’t leave you alone. Defeat the reinforcements and climb the vertical wall run just to the left.

Go though the alley to the main street. A hammerhead dropship will deposit new reinforcements in the area – our goal is to save Cole! You don’t really need to fight them, just run left and up the red wall. Jump onto the narrow walkway and up another wall run. Keep following this path up, across a wall run, then up more handholds. Jump the gap and reach the wire. Slide down and you’ll be right under Cole!

Climb the red walls to find Cole trapped in his mech. Use both Lloyd and Jay to pull the grapple points and you’ll unlock Cole. Swap to him, and use his hammer on the marker down below. That drops the elevator, but it’s broken. Use the pole to climb on the lift roof and wall run up into the office above. Defeat the incoming Shark Army troops, and a flying machine will appear, peppering the building with missiles.

When the flyer shows up, build the hopping bricks to get rid of the missile-shooting bad guy.

The missiles will destroy one of the display cars and leave behind a pile of hopping bricks. Build them into a weapon, and use Jay to activate it! That’ll get rid of the Shark Army VTOL and create a bridge you can use to exit. Run across the fallen building to reach Kai. Defeat the goons, and then look right for a hammer marker – use Cole and then Multi Build right, then left. On the right, you’ll put out a fire covering a stud bonus reward. On the left, you’ll put out the fire and save Kai.

Now that Kai is free, use his special ability to the right on the double-swords marker. Pull down on the thumbstick, and swap characters to press the button, getting rid of the mist wall. Follow the giant cat monster down the alley – you’ll need to perform some quick jumps on the horizontal wall runs – and reach the main street. Next to the locked gate, smash the glowing LEGO vehicle and construct the hopping bricks. Use Jay’s chain on the marker and fight down the streets.

See those glowing LEGO objects on the left and right? Break them both and build the hopping bricks that appear.

Keep going down. There are lots of interactables we can’t use yet! Just follow the street down to a blue gate that’s locked. Smash the two LEGO engines on the left and right and build both piles of hopping bricks so Jay can use the green marker. Ahead, you’ll find Zane trapped in his mech.

To free Zane, defeat the Shark Army goons and then use Lloyd on the glowing container to the right of Zane’s crashed mech. Construct the hopping bricks and use Cole’s hammer to activate the fireworks, melting Zane’s cold cockpit. Just one more ninja to save.

Swap to Zane and shoot the targets on the gate behind his mech. Now that the ice is gone, you can continue past the crash and fight a bunch of flying clam drones. Break out the gate using Zane’s sharpshooter powers. Go toward the harbor and use the red wall to wall run up and follow the path all the way to Nya.