Fortnite: How To Farm Nuts n’ Bolts | Unlimited Ammo Guide

Ammo is that sweet resource you can never get enough of in Fortnite. Between horde raids, you’ll want to stock up and prepare — and if you’re going to craft ammo, you’re going to need lots of nuts ‘n’ bolts. This shiny crafting resource is available in most metallic objects on the map, but farming isn’t that efficient until you reach the second map.

Learn more about this quick and easy ammo farming trick with the step-by-step guide below, or browse through the many awesome extra guides available on Gameranx right now.¬†Fortnite¬†— if you don’t already know — is a team-based survival adventure game, plopping your group of four into the zombie apocalypse. Scavenge and craft to stay alive, building massive walled forts and stocking up on an arsenal of killer weapons. Yeah, that’s where the nuts ‘n’ bolts resource comes in.

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How To Farm Nuts n’ Bolts | Unlimited Ammo Guide

Nuts n’ Bolts are a pretty common resource in Fortnite. You’ll almost always find them when busting open metallic objects. There’s lots of stuff you can break for nuts n’ bolts, so let’s go over a quick list.

  • Cars
  • Refrigerators
  • Arcade Machines
  • Playground Equipment
  • Small Metal Cans (Always on the far edges of the map.)

All of these metal “things” will give you nuts n’ bolts… usually. The metal cans will drop nuts n’ bolts 100%, but for the rest there’s only a high chance. And even then, metallic objects are limited. If you’re looking for a faster supply of nuts n’ bolts, you can get that too on the second map.

  • How To Farm Nuts n’ Bolts Fast:
    1. Unlock Map #2: Plankerton.
    2. Get the “Repair the Shelter” Quest.
    3. Uncover Areas of the Map to Reveal Yellow Dots.
    4. Yellow Dots are Cache Locations. Loot Them!
    5. You’ll get 75+ Nuts n’ Bolts per Cache.

And that’s really all it takes. The more area you uncover on the map, the more easy caches you can collect for super-fast nuts n’ bolts collecting. There’s nothing really cheat-y or exploit-y about this, it’s just a good tip to know to get you started and keep you alive with plenty of extra craftable ammo.

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