Fortnite | How To Evolve Heroes

Fortnite Evolve Heroes

Fortnite is Epic Games’ brand new co-op sandbox survival game where Minecraft meets Dungeon Defenders. Even though Fortnite is only currently in Early Access there’s a lot of systems and sub-systems to learn. One of those systems is the Hero Evolve system which can seem overwhelming at first. We put together a quick rundown on how it works.

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Why Evolve?

Evolving a hero in Fortnite unlocks access to extra passive and active skills. 1 Star abilities can be unlocked by simply leveling from 1-10 but if you wish to use 2 Star and Level 11-20 abilities you will need to evolve.

How To Evolve

The first thing you will need to do before you can even begin to evolve heroes is place 30 skill points into the Tier 1 skill tree to unlock the 2 Star Class Evolution skill node. Doing so will allow you to evolve a hero of that particular class and that class only; until you earn enough skill points to unlock another 2 Star Class Evolution skill node. For that reason we recommend that you’re absolutely sure you want to play a particular hero before you invest your points into unlocking their evolution.

Fortnite Evolve Heroes
You need to invest skill points in a class skill line before you can unlock its evolution.


After unlocking the 2 Star Class Evolution you will to meet a few more requirements:

Hero Level: You will need to invest 10 levels into the Hero that you wish to level up. Each level will progressively take more XP to level up.

Hero XP: In addition to the XP you need to level from 1 to 10 you will need an additional amount of Hero XP to evolve a Hero. Retiring a Hero you no longer wish to use will return a large amount of invested XP to you, so if you find yourself short on XP consider retiring a Hero you no longer wish to use.

Evolution Crafting Material: Each star tier will require a different crafting material. 2 Star evolutions require Pure Drops of Rain, 3 Star Evolutions require Lightning in a Bottle and so on. Evolution Crafting Materials can be earned by completing quests, missions, retiring a Hero, ans inside of certain loot llamas.

Training Manual: Can be acquired by completing quests, as mission rewards, or by retiring survivors and heroes.

Fortnite Evolve Heroes
The Hero Evolution screen shows all of the requirements to do so as well as any stats you will gain.

After Evolving

That’s all there is to it. After hitting Evolve your Hero’s Star level will increase and you can begin working towards the next level of evolution.

Fortnite Evolve Heroes
Each level of evolution costs more than the last.