Fortnite: How To Find Survivors | Tips Guide

Fortnite, developed by Epic Games along with People Can Fly, puts players together as they fight off hordes of zombies. Currently, the video game is available through Early Access though it’s expected to launch as a completely free-to-play video game title sometime in 2018.

Overall, players will work together as they scavenge items to build forts along with traps. Each night, a horde of zombies and monsters will attack leaving players to hope that their traps and fort will survive while also taking out any immediate threat.

Essentially, there’s plenty of teamwork and strategy that goes into the title while gameplay is more tuned into a lighthearted arcade style survival game. Tim Sweeney, the founder of Epic Games, described the title as Minecraft meets Left 4 Dead, which really does capture the overall feel of the game.

If you’re just starting out in the video game title or need a quick refresher then check out our featured guides on the Fortnite video game title down below. Likewise, in this particular guide, we’ll showcase how to find any nearby Survivors while you’re out exploring.

These Survivors can bring a few decent attributes to the game and worth hunting for when you’re progressing through the title. Here are a few quick tips when you’re in the lookout for a potential Survivor.

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Why Search For Survivors

Finding Survivors is something that will certainly help as you progress through the game. They can be used as perks essentially or for instance, if you unlock a defender, they can be used to help defend your fort.

Once you have teams of Survivors established, you will have passive bonuses to your characters’ Core Stats. The various types being matched can also increase the overall bonus from the team.

Where To Find Survivors

There’s a number of ways to find Survivors but all will require a careful eye as you scan your nearby areas.

Map Icons

When you reach nearby areas such as Radar buildings, you may find some Survivors appear on your in-game mini map. These Survivors will be highlighted in blue and look like a human body. From there, you simply have to head towards their location and look for the targeted Survivor.

Living Area Clues

Another way to spot a Survivor is by looking at the décor in the area. If you find shelves full of supplies and cans then there very well could be a Survivor nearby. They could even be hidden in secret rooms so you might have to smash through a wall to locate them.

Listen Closely

Survivors will not be quiet during your journey. Listen closely to hear for any far off screams for help while exploring. This may actually be a bit more difficult for some gamers who decide to party up with friends and chat while playing through the game.

A decent tip that can be implemented is turning on subtitles so you will notice when you’re close enough to hear the Survivor, a text line will pop up alerting players of a nearby Survivor.

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