Cult-Management Sim The Shrouded Isle Sneaks Onto Steam

Kitfox Games’ freshly released sacrifice simulator The Shrouded Isle couldn’t be more different than Moon Hunters, the Canadian Studio’s former offering.

Instead of a co-op personality test, players need to sift through the population of a secluded island village to weed out the sinners, one of whom must be surrendered each season to appease an ancient god. Adopting a minimal colour palette reminiscent of many a Game Boy titles, The Shrouded Isle features five families with different loyalties, all of them in search of salvation through heretical investigations, book burning and beyond.

You’ll need to choose a single advisor from each family, watch their behaviour closely to uncover hidden traits, and hopefully gain their favour. As the high priest, the burden of ushering in a new era for the folk of The Shrouded Isle. After all, it’s not easy finding saints on an island full of sinners.

The Shrouded Isle is out now on Steam for a discounted price of $8.99 USD.