Fortnite: How To Obtain Pure Drop of Rain | Tips Guide

Fortnite, developed by Epic Games along with People Can Fly, puts players together as they fight off hordes of zombies. Currently, the video game is available through Early Access though it’s expected to launch as a completely free-to-play video game title sometime in 2018.

Overall, players will work together as they scavenge items to build forts along with traps. Each night, a horde of zombies and monsters will attack leaving players to hope that their traps and fort will survive while also taking out any immediate threat.

Essentially, there’s plenty of teamwork and strategy that goes into the title while gameplay is more tuned into a lighthearted arcade style survival game. Tim Sweeney, the founder of Epic Games, described the title as Minecraft meets Left 4 Dead, which really does capture the overall feel of the game.

If you’re just starting out in the video game title or need a quick refresher then check out our featured guides on the Fortnite video game title down below. Likewise, in this particular guide, we’ll showcase how to obtain a Pure Drop of Rain.

To evolve your heroes within Fortnite, players will be required to obtain a series of supplies and one of the toughest items to find within that list of supplies is the Pure Drop of Rain. We’re going to offer a detailed guide on how you can obtain that Pure Drop of Rain missing in your supplies. Follow our guide of steps down below.

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There are really two main methods right now when it comes to obtaining the Pure Drop of Rain and that’s doing daily quests and collection book rewards. We’ll start off with the daily quests.

Daily Quests

Each day Fortnite will have a new daily quest for players to complete which can be done rather quickly. You’ll need to keep an eye on the objectives list because it will change daily so know just what you’re supposed to do for that day and the mission title.

By completing these daily quests you’ll likely be rewarded with a Pure Drop of Rain and as mentioned, completing these quests is relatively simple and quick.

Collection Book

If you’re not fond of dealing with the daily quest or you just want another Pure Drop of Rain in your supplies then check into completing a Collection Book. If you place unwanted heroes within a Collection Book and complete it you will be rewarded with a Pure Drop of Rain.

The Collection Book for some may be more of a less desirable pathway to take as this would mean losing out on retiring your heroes for experience and other rewards.

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