Final Fantasy 15: Sylvester Map Locations | Scraps of Mystery Guide

On PC, PS4 & Xbox One: Go for a treasure hunt in Final Fantasy 15 with all the Sylvester maps available to find in the overworld.


The ‘Scraps of Mystery’ side quest in Final Fantasy 15 sends your team of perfectly-coifed black-clad boys on a search for hidden treasure maps throughout the overworld. These maps can be pretty tricky to find, so we’re here to provide a handful of tips to point you in the right direction.

With each map you find, you’ll begin a different phase of the quest — there are 14 map pieces in total, with 28 scraps and each separate quest unites the disparate pieces to form a single complete map. Look, if that doesn’t make sense, just keep scrolling.

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Sylvester Map Locations | Scraps of Mystery Guide

All map pieces require 2 scraps to complete. Find one scrap, and the second scrap will appear on your map in a large search area.

Map Piece A

  • Scrap #1: The Callaegh Step – Find this at the four-way intersection motel. Look on the porch’s left side.
  • Scrap #2: The Callaegh Step – Look on a mineral deposit following the road south from the motel.

Map Piece B

  • Scrap #1: Prairie Outpost – Look for the small building with the long awning covering up a handful of rusted junkers. Around the side of this building, there’s a wooden cart that contains this scrap piece.
  • Scrap #2: Keycatrich Ruins – There’s another wooden cart behind a low ruined wall near the tall corner barrier outside the ruins.

Map Piece C

  • Scrap #1: Mineral Deposit – Go to the small concrete platform with a water tower that’s south of the large base (western edge of the Weaverwilds), the scrap is in front of the building.
  • Scrap #2: The Three Valleys – Find a hunting area just above the “Three” part of “The Three Valleys” on your map. There’s a large skeleton here — look behind the fallen wall sections to the left.

Map Piece D

  • Scrap #1: Esterleiden Blockade – Along the blockade bridge, look behind the red barriers in an abandoned lot to find this scrap.
  • Scrap #2: Crestholm Channels – Take the stairs down from the blockade bridge into this high-level dungeon. Continue through the dungeon until you drop down from an open ceiling. Continue straight ahead through the forward doorway — look left just as you enter the next hallway through the open passage doorway.

Map Piece E

  • Scrap #1: The Three Valleys – North from [Piece C – Scrap 2] there’s a ruined structure next to a massive pipe. Look beneath the pipe on metal scaffolds to find this piece.
  • Scrap #2: Longwythe Peak – Directly beneath the “Longwythe Peak” label on your map, there’s a large mountain. On the west side of this mountain, there’s a large rock you can climb onto. Get up on that rock to find this missing scrap.

Map Piece F

  • Scrap #1: Cauthess, The Disc – On the northeastern base of the mountain (between the Disc and Nebulawood), find a parking lot pitstop along the road. Next to the right junk car, there’s a scrap piece.
  • Scrap #2: ¬†Alstor Slough – Southwest of the Slough proper, find the base of the massive rock landbridges. The map scrap is found along the edge.

Map Piece G

  • Scrap #1: The Malacchi Hills – In the center of the oval-shaped blue road on your map, look for three yellow-roofed buildings. Look underneath the steps on the front-most building.
  • Scrap #2: The Malacchi Hills – Above the “Ma” on the map, look for a forest hunting ground. Near the end, there’s a massive geometric square stone. Look behind it to find this scrap.

Map Piece H

  • Scrap #1: Cauthess Rest Area – Look in the back-right corner of the open hangar.
  • Scrap #2: Mencemoor – Find the crash site beneath the Mencemoor title on your map. At the crash find this scrap beneath the submerged ribbing.

Map Piece I

  • Scrap #1: Toelpar Rest Area – Find the piece outside the rest area, along the right exterior wall.
  • Scrap #2: Schier Heights – Past the tunnel along the southern road, there’s an enclosed forest hunting ground with a trail. Stick to the rock wall on the right to discover this scrap.

Map Piece J

  • Scrap #1: Kelbass Grassland – West from the large settlement, there’s a fenced-in oil derrick. Look in one of the low windows to find the scrap piece.
  • Scrap #2: Kelbass Grassland – Going directly south from the settlement, find this one in the rocks to the right of another metal tower.

Map Piece K

  • Scrap #1: Pallareth Pass – There’s a ruined building up on the hill across the street from the Alpine Stable. Look inside.
  • Scrap #2: Lestallum – From the main area, take the alley to the right of the double sets of stairs and turn left to find a crossroads. Follow the left path, and just as you get up the steps, look to the left wall. The scrap is on the caged door.

Map Piece L

  • Scrap #1: Meldacio Hunter HQ – Look for the building with the porch next to a shed. Search behind the porch-building to find this scrap near a stack of barrels.
  • Scrap #2: Pallareth Pass – On the first curve of the winding road, there’s an abandoned concrete bunker to the left of the road.

Map Piece M

  • Scrap #1: Malmalam Thicket – Up in the thicket, there’s an old woman running a shop from a small fenced cottage. Look around the left side of the cottage.
  • Scrap #2: Leirity Seaside – Go to the lighthouse point and ride the elevator up to the deck. There’s a photo spot and a map scrap up here.

Map Piece N

  • Scrap #1: West of the River Wennath and south of the large settlement, there’s a fork where two of the green-marked roads meet. Look for a rickety shack between the two roads. Left of that shack there is a rusted car. The map piece is in the car.
  • Scrap #2: Greyshire Glacial Grotto – Inside the dungeon, slide down two ice-slides to reach a larger chamber. Hop down one level after landing, then follow the path right to a dead end with this scrap.

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