Microsoft Will Hold Livestreams Feature Xbox Series X Next Week

As you are all likely aware, the coronavirus is causing several issues around the gaming industry. We’re seeing threats of low stock for certain products, the entire run being delayed for Konami’s upcoming mini console, and even big events being delayed if not cancelled altogether this year. One of the big events that were delayed and quite likely cancelled for 2020 is GDC.

With the coronavirus becoming a pandemic, several companies are pulling away from attending certain events much like GDC. As a result, GDC was postponed for the summer but out of speculation, we could see the event just cancel this year altogether with companies likely having scheduling conflicts along with those that were attending as visitors. To make up for the event, Microsoft is holding a livestream which will apparently feature the Xbox Series X.

Don’t get too excited, it’s unknown if the stream will feature anything new about the console as it’s just a section during their two-day livestream event. After all, GDC is mainly focused around developers and the gaming industry so we imagine the big unveil and announcements will come during E3 2020 if that isn’t delayed or cancelled as well. At any rate, you can at least mark your calendars for next week for the two-day livestream event.

This stream will start on March 17 at 10:00 AM PT where you’ll get different panels and conversations. However, the Xbox Series X focused section will take place on March 18 at 11:40 AM PT. This will be paired with the Project xCloud and may show how the two will connect. Again, don’t expect too many big announcements if any but you’ll at least get a chance to view the panels intended for GDC through Mixer.

Source: IGN