Fan Creates A Silent Hill 2 VR Trailer Concept

The Silent Hill franchise is one that is adored by fans worldwide. This beloved survival horror series has had its ups and downs, though mainly downs as of late, but there is always hope that Konami would be able to deliver a new installment that would capture the essence Team Silent originally offered in the series. Now that the series has been dormant but filled with new rumors and speculation pieces, one fan decided to give fans a look at what Silent Hill 2 would have been like if it was made for VR.

Hoolopee made the trailer and released it earlier this month where we get some new models and textures to several iconic moments from the game. From James fighting off a lying figure, solving puzzles, to even running away from Pyramid Head, the trailer really captures the tone and atmosphere of the game.

While we wait and see if Konami decides to pick this franchise back up for a proper video game, seeing these fan creations is quite satisfying. Unfortunately, its only a trailer concept so don’t get excited thinking the game is going to exist. After all, it’s likely a game that would have been killed off by Konami is not an official release from the company.

For now, you can check out the trailer concept above. In other Silent Hill news, a new rumor is circulating that perhaps we’re going to see Hideo Kojima join back in with the development of Silent Hills after Norman Reedus confirms that he is in talks with Kojima after the launch of Death Stranding.

Source: YouTube