Norman Reedus May Be Working On Another Hideo Kojima Video Game

By now you all know the split between Konami and Hideo Kojima. The developer was working on the Silent Hill franchise at the time which had plenty of fans eager to dive into his iteration of the survival horror series, but when things went sideways between Hideo Kojima and Konami, the developer decided to part ways.

This ultimately killed off the Silent Hills project and left Kojima to move on and create his own studio, Kojima Productions. Now that it has been a few years, more rumors are popping up in regards to the Silent Hill franchise.

There have been several rumors as of late and there doesn’t seem to be anything slowing down in terms of speculating what the franchise has in store for players next. The once dormant IP may make its way back to Hideo Kojima if certain rumors are to be believed. Fans have been following Kojima closely with one image, in particular, sparking a flood of posts after an image went up that may have indicated Silent Hills is back on.

Of course, nothing has been confirmed yet but during an interview between Wired and actor Norman Reedus, it looks like the actor will be working with Kojima again. It was unveiled that Norman and Hideo had a great partnership when working with Death Stranding and that lead to talks about other stuff.

Nothing has been unveiled just what “other stuff” may entail but the internet is speculating that it could mean that Konami and Kojima Productions are working together in order to bring out the once hyped Silent Hills video game.

With that said, nothing has been confirmed and there’s no slowing down other speculation pieces of what’s going on with the IP. At any rate, all we can do is just wait and see if anything happens to be announced.

Source: IGN