Kojima Productions Teasing Silent Hill Game Next Week?

There is a massive fan base for the Silent Hill franchise. The IP got its start years ago on the original PlayStation console and continued to receive installments over the years before going dormant after the cancellation of Silent Hills. Now it looks like there is a potential new tease of a game coming out next week. That’s of course just speculation at the moment.

Hideo Kojima was previously working on the IP with Silent Hills years ago when he was still working under Konami. As you likely are already aware, the company and developer had a falling out and it left Hideo Kojima to leave the studio and start his own development team known as Kojima Productions. The first game released under the studio was Death Stranding, but for several fans out there in love with the Silent Hill IP, there is a continuing yearn to learn more of what could have been.

Since then there have been several rumors turning out for the franchise. With suggestions that there are multiple Silent Hill game titles in the works, Masahiro Ito, the art director behind the original Silent Hill titles also made mention that he was working on a game as a core member which again sparked speculation that maybe it was a new Silent Hill title.

Now a new tweet from Kojima Productions teased that there is something coming next week. The tweet reads as “Sorry to be silent everyone! I’ve been really busy lately…..I think I can say more soon about what we are going to….”

The word silent is one indicator but if you zoom into the image enough you’ll see that the pencil has the world pyramid on it which could indicate pyramid head, a staple character from the video game franchise. Finally, if you zoom into the note you’ll see the phrase next week, which could indicate that we will see some kind of a reveal next week. While it could be a reach that there is a new Silent Hill game being developed under Kojima Productions, there are certainly a few rumors pointing towards the IP’s revival.

Source: Twitter