Did The Former Team Silent Art Director Tease A New Silent Hill Game?

Silent Hill is a very much a beloved video game franchise. It’s a survival-horror series that gain its popularity back during the days of the original PlayStation. Most fans who have followed the series had pinned the game’s success with the legendary team of developers at Konami that called themselves Team Silent, though after Silent Hill 4: The Room, Konami had disbanded the team and offered western development studios a chance at working with the IP.

Unfortunately, the games that followed after Team Silent haven’t been as well-received and it eventually caused the IP to become rather dormant. It looked like things were changing around not that long ago with Silent Hills, a game that was being headed by Hideo Kojima who had since parted ways with Konami which resulted in the game being dropped. Now there may be a new tease of something in the works.

Masahiro Ito was the art director for Team Silent as they went through the Silent Hill series and is responsible for the monster designs. Years after those original games released, the developer is still very much active in the Silent Hill community as he will answer questions fans send his way on Twitter.

Recently, the developer sent out a new tweet that states he’s now a core member of a new title. Other than saying he hopes it won’t get cancelled, there are plenty of fans hoping that this is involving the Silent Hill IP. As mentioned, Masahiro Ito knows that there are plenty of Silent Hill fans that follow his Twitter account and with Silent Hills being cancelled, the statement could be a nod to the previous project that was dropped. 

Really, there is nothing more to go off on right now and the statement could be of any project. While Silent Hill fans have been hoping that Konami would go back and deliver either a new IP or a remake in the same style as Capcom had with the Resident Evil franchise, we’re simply going to have to wait and see just what this mysterious project actually is.

Source: Twitter