Legendary Former Team Silent Member Masahiro Ito Interested In Making A New Silent Hill

Silent Hill is a beloved survival horror franchise as it’s got fans all over the world. However, the later releases of the franchise did not do as well as the IP owners, Konami, had hoped for. This also includes fans as they’ve been chiming in on the desires of the internal team, Team Silent, to come back and bring out another game once again. While this is likely wishful thinking, there is at least one former member from that legendary team that would be down to make a new installment. That legendary developer is Masahiro Ito, the artist who delivered some truly terrifying creatures and levels you endured through some of the earlier titles.

Masahiro Ito was part of Team Silent who had worked on the classic titles, Silent Hill through Silent Hill 4: The Room. After decades with fans who are still wanting Konami to bring out a new title despite the cancellation of Silent Hills, it looks like the developers are starting to chime in about revisiting the franchise. Speaking of Masahiro Ito, the developer is pretty easy to get a hold of on Twitter as he still enjoys speaking with fans and answering their questions from the past games.

It was unveiled through Twitter that Masahiro Ito is not interested in going back and delivering fans a remake. While we all wouldn’t mind a new HD collection of the Team Silent titles that can be enjoyed on current generation platforms, this developer rather work on something new.

Bringing it up on Twitter, Masahiro Ito stated that there is not any real motivation to work on Silent Hill 1-3. He stated that if he was to work on the series then he would want to do something new and without pyramid head, a character that was only meant to be in Silent Hill 2. Furthermore, the developer stated that this game would take three years at least to create and since you only live once then it’s best to do something new rather than repeating the same thing.

Source: Twitter, Relyonhorror