New Images Surface Giving Better Look At PlayStation 5 DualShock Controller Dev Kit

Finally hitting 2020 we’re getting ready to say goodbye to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as the next-generation console platforms are inbound. With both Sony and Microsoft offering their new systems this holiday season, neither of the two has really opened up about the console at a stage event. That may change here soon for Sony as we may get something PlayStation 5 related during CES 2020. Still, even then there are new images and rumors circulating online regarding the platform or the dev kits that are already in the hands of development studios.

We’ve seen the dev kit for the PlayStation 5 before but a new image has come up giving a better look at the DualShock controller. This is purely just an image from an unnamed Facebook post so don’t expect anything in regards to specifications. Apparently, a member who works at a development studio in charge of cleaning has gotten the chance to clean his first PlayStation 5 developer kit. 

Taking this opportunity, he had snapped a couple of photos of the console along with the controller that looks relatively the same as the DualShock 4. If you’re familiar with other developer kits, these platforms often change drastically compared to the final design released for the market. So while the new DualShock is likely going to retain the overall design as previous iterations, we’re uncertain just how close this developer kit controller resembles the final build design. 

As mentioned, both Microsoft and Sony have plans to release their next-generation console platforms into the market this holiday season. This means that we’re likely going to see more information and details about the platform throughout the year. 

Source: Reddit