Rumor: Konami Has Two Silent Hill Video Games In Development

For fans of the survival horror genre, we’ve been treated very well with Capcom. The development studio went back to not only remaster the Resident Evil remake for current platforms, but also bring out a remake for Resident Evil 2 and the announcement of a Resident Evil 3 remake. Unfortunately, the same couldn’t be said for the other much-beloved survival horror franchise, Silent Hill.

It’s been years since the IP was touched and while P.T. seemed hopeful from Hideo Kojima taking lead, the project was ultimately scrapped. Now, all we have are rumors consistently coming up online and slot machines that make use of the IP theme. While most of these rumors prove to be false, a leaker that has proved to be right on several of his alerts online has potentially unveiled to the world of two Silent Hill projects.

AsetheticGamer is a leaker that has been proven right on other announcements in the past and when he made the announcement of two Silent Hill projects were in the works, it definitely made some big headlines on social media feeds. According to his tweet, Konami has two projects in the works that are Silent Hill video games. One of the projects seems to be a reboot to the series while the other is an adventure style game that focuses on making choices, similar to the various titles developed by Telltale Games.

Of course, there is plenty of gamers out there that are not holding their breaths as we’ve seen plenty of rumors in the past that dealt with Silent Hill. For now, it’s purely a waiting game to see if these projects are legitimate and if Konami makes an announcement for either title this year.

Source: Twitter