Temtem: Simple Type Chart | All Type Strengths & Weaknesses

There’s a new Pokémon contender available for Early-Access, and it’s called Temtem. This isn’t your average monster-collecting RPG — it’s a full-fledged MMO where you can battle other trainers, explore a massive island world, or join a friend’s adventure. Like Pokémon, it’s all about collecting creatures called Temtems — you’ll form a squad, and aim to be the best trainer around.

And just like Pokémon, each Temtem has a type. Depending on their types (Nature, Fire, Water, etc) they’ll have different strengths or weaknesses. For example, fire isn’t good about water, but water is very good against fire. The game follows a very similar system to the Pokemon series, with certain types dealing double-damage when they’re ‘Super Effective’, or dealing half-damage when they’re ‘Not Effective’.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a simple type chart. Just scroll down to the type you want to see, and you’ll find what types they’re strong against, and what types they’re not going to do as much damage to. It’s very simple — and that’s what I care about the most whenever I’m trying to figure out which Pokémon types to use in battle.

NOTE: Any types not listed are ‘effective’ — you don’t do any more or less damage. Ex: Neutral does x1 (neutral) damage to all types except Mental.

TypeSuper Effective (x2 Dmg)Not Very Effective (x0.5 Dmg)
FireNature, CrystalFire, Water
WaterFire, Earth, DigitalWater, Nature, Toxic
NatureWater, EarthFire, Nature, Toxic
ElectricWater, Mental, Wind, DigitalNature, Electric, Earth
EarthFire, Electric, CrystalWater, Nature, Wind
MentalNeutral, MeleeCrystal
WindEarth, ToxicElectric, Wind
DigitalMental, Digital, MeleeN/A
MeleeNature, CrystalMental, Melee
CrystalElectric, MentalFire, Earth
ToxicWater, NatureEarth, Digital, Crystal, Toxic

There are some interesting little wrinkles to the types in Temtem. There are types you wouldn’t find in Pokémon — like Digital and Crystal. Digital is a unique type that doesn’t dish out half-damage to any other types, but it is weak to Toxic.

Crystal seems to be a high-defense type like Steel that’s weak against fire. Most of the other types are what you’d expect — Earth is good against Fire, Melee is bad against Mental, and Toxic just wrecks up Nature. There’s a logic to all of these pairings. The trick is just committing it all to memory. Until then, here’s a very simple chart you can access.