Xbox Series X Leaked Photos Offer Prototype Closeup

We’re moving away from the current-generation console platforms. Both Microsoft and Sony will be unveiling more of their next-generation platforms soon and while we’ve gotten little tastes of what’s to come, most of the big features and closeup photos have yet to be revealed. With that said, there appears to be leaked photos circulating online of the Xbox Series X and it provides not only a little more detail on the console itself but the ports it offers on the back.

The Xbox Series X will be coming out this holiday season and while we are still waiting to hear about the features it offers and see some footage of the hardware, someone managed to sneak a few photos of the prototype and released them online. There is still a chance that these images are fake but in case they are not, you can see that he ports offered on the Xbox Series X rear are a single HDMI, Ethernet, power, two USB inputs, and an optical audio port.

Likewise, you can see some ventilation on the rear with access to take the back panel off. There is also a port to go to likely use for diagnostics, but according to the report made by Thurrott, they will likely be removed before the full product is released into the market. In any case, this is likely our first real closeup look at the XSX.

Interestingly enough, the poster left the serial code on the back of this prototype unit which means that if these console images proved to be real then someone is likely in deep trouble. Microsoft may hold a big unveiling for the XSX during E3 2020 if not prior to E3 with their own unique presentation event.

Source: NeoGaf