GDC 2020 Will Not Close After Local Emergency 

GDC is a big event for those that are looking to get into the video game industry. It’s held annually where there are big-name companies attending that offers not only insight into game development, but also allows networking to take place. This event has helped plenty of newcomers to the industry a means to jump into the industry or enough insight to help showcase a clear pathway on what area of expertise an attendee may likely enjoy most. As a result, there are a ton of people eagerly awaiting to get into the event and this year we’re seeing GDC take place in San Francisco. 

You are all likely aware of the coronavirus, a virus that is slowly becoming a pandemic. While in the United States, the cases for the virus are low, there is always the threat of the virus spreading further with the potential of the sickness becoming out of hand. Ultimately, there is a push to keep those at home if they are feeling unwell and with the virus still problematic around the world, there are several events that are taking a hit by companies pulling out.

With coronavirus still active, there are several companies that are holding off on attending any public events in fear of catching the virus or further spreading the virus around. While GDC will have some attendees missing because of the virus, the event will still take place. This is something that the event is trying to spread as San Francisco recently declared a local emergency to gather more resources. It’s important to note that there are no cases of the coronavirus at the moment but the city is preparing just in case anything was to pop up. 

It will certainly be interesting to see just how many companies end up dipping out of GDC due to the coronavirus. At any rate, we can’t blame those that want to ensure that their employees are safe and healthy. 

Source: VGC