Epic Games And Microsoft Are No Longer Attending GDC 2020

Game Developers Conference, otherwise known as GDC, is a big event for those that are looking to get into the video game industry. With several panels and the ability to network, GDC is less about unveiling new video game titles or hardware and more a means for those interested in the industry itself. This means that there are plenty of attendees eagerly awaiting for the event each year and for 2020, GDC is being held at San Francisco. Of course, with the coronavirus being a big issue lately, there are several companies that are bowing out from attending any events worldwide.

While the United States has been low in terms of cases of coronavirus, there are still several companies looking to keep their employees safe by canceling events. This could continue on for the foreseeable future as there is still plenty of time before GDC 2020 kicks off. With GDC not being held until March 16, 2020, there is potential of other companies also canceling from attending the event as well.

We previously heard that Sony, EA, Facebook, and Kojima Productions are either not attending the event or scaling back the amount of content or panels featured at the event. Now it looks like we can add Epic Games and Microsoft to the list of those not attending GDC out of the fear of catching the coronavirus. 

GDC is certainly not the only event that was hit by companies dipping out from appearing. PAX East was recently hit with several companies dropping out and as we continue to fight off the coronavirus, it will be interesting to see if other companies continue to drop events such as the upcoming E3 2020 due to coronavirus, though only time will tell.

Source: PC Gamer