Square Enix Japan Staff Pulling Out From PAX East

We’re sure you are all aware of the health scare going around today. Coronavirus has been a big pandemic in the Eastern regions and as doctors attempt to fight off the illness or prevent it from spreading, we’ve seen plenty of areas suffer. The health and safety of individuals is a priority and it’s caused certain factories to halt and that in itself has caused certain products to go in short supply. 

For instance, we have seen Oculus Quest, Valve Index, and the potential threat of Nintendo Switch production lineups dwindle down in supply. That’s not all as there are different events being delayed from the virus. One of the events that are not being delayed is PAX East though there will be a hit in who attends the actual event. Earlier this week we received the news that Sony is dropping participation in PAX East. Now it looks like Square Enix will be following but it’s worth noting that the company is not dropping the event entirely. 

For now, it looks like Square Enix will be dropping the events that deal with the staff coming from the Japanese offices. This again is due to the coronavirus and attempting to prevent spreading the illness or risking employees from becoming ill. As a result, there will a few different activities that will be canceled such as panel discussions and photo ops with select individuals. 

At any rate, you can still expect Square Enix to have a presence at the event, but the company is scaling down its original plans. PAX East will be taking place starting on February 27, 2020, in Boston, MA. 

Source: Square Enix