Oculus Quest Suffering From Shortages Due To Coronavirus 

VR has become a rather big hit this generation and with it comes several new headsets and companies hoping to get a cut into the market. Facebook is one of the mainline companies at the moment that offers a VR headset with the Oculus. In fact, it wasn’t very long ago that Facebook launched Oculus Quest, a means to enjoy VR without being tethered to a PC. 

As you all are aware of right now, there is quite an ordeal with this latest virus that has been spreading around. The coronavirus is something that has been an issue to deal with from certain companies, but for those that are in areas that may not have a big hit, you’re noticing that certain products are being affected. Because of certain manufacturers and products come from sources like China, there are markets quickly being affected. 

Oculus Quest, for instance, is sold out due to the coronavirus and it’s causing consumers to wait for the virus to get handled before new units are able to be assembled and sold. There’s such a small amount of units left that consumers are not even able to pre-order one at the moment which means that the only way to purchase an Oculus Quest right now is through resellers. This is not an easy choice to go with as you’ll lose out on a warranty and there is a price hike due to the demand and low supply. 

This won’t be the only product that will become affected because of the virus. It was recently reported that Nintendo may soon find their units of the Nintendo Switch becoming a real problem by April unless things change. With this virus becoming a real threat, we may see several companies having to deal with this problem before things get better.

Source: PC Gamer