No Man’s Sky: There’s A New Way To Earn Quicksilver Faster | Rare Currency Guide

Get more Living Ships with Quicksilver!

Collecting Quicksilver normally requires you to login to No Man’s Sky and complete daily challenges — basically, you’d have to wait 24 hours before you can get more. That isn’t the case any longer, because players have discovered a new event that can help you farm Quicksilver faster. It’s still slow, and it’s still totally random, but you can hunt for QS for several hours if you don’t want to wait around for the daily reset.

Quicksilver is a rare resource you can spend at the Nexus for incredibly useful items. One of the best new items you can grab in the Living Ship update is the Void Egg — which eventually hatches into a Living Ship you can control and upgrade (or evolve) in anyway you see fit. If you’re looking to score another Living Ship, you’ll need to save up some Quicksilver.

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While exploring the stars, sometimes you’ll encounter an event. You can play through the event, or cancel it — but it’s always pretty random. Some events are (maybe) dependent on the Stellar Class. If you explore enough, you’ll get random events.

One random event causes ‘Stellar Ice‘ to spawn. Shoot the Stellar Ice and Quicksilver will pop-out — and that’s it! You’ll need to Pulse Drive around space to trigger a random event. And this particular event might only spawn in Green Class star systems. I’m not 100% on that, but it can’t hurt to try.

Fly around, and you’ll encounter a random event every 1~ minute or so. This is a rare event, so it might take 1~ hour or more (or less if you’re lucky!) to make the Quicksilver-filled ‘Stellar Ice’ spawn again.

You don’t have to farm it either. If you’re completing Ship Quests, you can still encounter these ‘Stellar Ice’ clusters and grab the Quicksilver. Just remember to stay out in space, and avoid the allure of landing on a nearby planetoid — well, I mean, a quick look around an undiscovered planet can’t hurt, right?