Fortnite: Season 2 – How To Get Free Weekly Deadpool Items | Secret Challenges Guide

Deadpool has not-so-secretly infiltrated Fortnite: Season 2. The Merc-With-A-Mouth isn’t exactly subtle about his ‘secret’ inclusion, but he’s better hidden in-game than you might think. Deadpool, a super-special Marvel Comics guest character, has a hidden lair in the new Battle Pass lobby. If you own the Battle Pass, you’ll be able to sneak in and scan the computer terminal for secret challenges.

Completing these weekly challenges will net you Deadpool stuff — presumably, doing everything will get you a Deadpool skin, which we already know totally exists in the game. I mean, come on — duh.

The trick is finding the secret lair. New challenges will appear weekly, and the first set of challenges will get you a Deadpoll banner for your troubles. The challenges are mostly mini-jokes and references to previous challenges with a little twist. Actually completing them isn’t too hard if you’re plugged into the Fortnite community, which is pretty vast at this point.

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To find Deadpool’s secret room and access his Secret Challenges list, you’ll need to become a Battle Pass member. Once the Chapter 2: Season 2 Battle Pass is unlocked, you’ll be able to login in the computer and scroll through the challenges — and unlock special Deadpool-style rewards.

To access the Secret Challenges menu, go to the Battle Pass Lobby and look for the vent — it’s on the right side. Enter the vent, and you’ll be taken to a special room claimed by Deadpool. Access the computer, and you’ll find a running list of the weekly Secret Challenges.

The first reward, as stated above, is a nice Deadpool banner. There’s a new unlockable cosmetic every week, and you’ll want to do them all to (eventually) unlock Deadpool. It’s going to take some grinding, but if you’re invested in the Battle Pass, it shouldn’t take too much extra effort.