Fortnite: Season 2 – How To Spawn Secret Mythic Weapons | Enemy Agents Guide

Fortnite: Battle Royale just introduced a new mechanic that’s unlike anything else in the game so far. With the Chapter 2 – Season 2 update, you can now fight enemy agents at the five new POI locations. Each new location is guarded by troops, and once most of those goons are defeated, a named enemy agent will spawn — and they’re packing a deadly weapon. If you manage to take them down, you’ll earn their Mythic Weapon and a vault keycard.

There’s only one Mythic Weapon / Enemy Agent per POI, per session, so you’ll have to act fast if you want to earn yourself a killer gun. Only the most aggressive players will be able to claim one for themselves, and all the heavy troopers might be able to take you down if you’re not prepared to fight back.

Below, you’ll find a list explaining where to get each of the powerful new Mythic weapons. Some weapons may spawn in different locations — each weapon has 1-2 weapons assigned to it, but the locations we’ve found so far are confirmed to drop the following Mythic guns.

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To find hidden Mythic Weapons in Fortnite: Chapter 2 Season 2, you’ll need to find the new POIs. There are five new Points-of-Interest, and they’re easy to locate — just travel to the “???” areas on your map if you haven’t checked them all out already. Some POIs replace old locations.

  • New POIs:
    • The Agency
    • The Rig
    • The Grotto
    • The Yacht
    • The Shark

These areas have an exclusive Mythic mechanic. The spy lairs are guarded by enemy NPCs that shoot-on-sight. They’ll attack any player that gets near. Once you’ve cleared out most of the NPCs, a named NPC agent will spawn. When defeated, this special enemy will drop a Mythic weapon and a vault keycard.

Each location will always spawn 1 or 2 different enemy agents, and the enemy agent that spawns will always drop their matching Mythic weapon. You can get killer miniguns or infinite-ammo grapplers, depending on who you face. You’ll have to act fast, because there is only one of each Mythic weapon per game.

  • Mythic Weapons | Enemy Agent Spawn Locations:
    • Midas’ Drum Gun: Enemy agent spawns at The Agency POI.
    • Brutus’ Minigun: Enemy agent spawns at The Grotto POI.
    • Skye’s AR: Enemy agent spawns at The Shark POI.
    • Unlimited Grappler: Enemy agent spawns at The Shark POI.
    • TNTina’s Bow: Enemy agent spawns at The Rig POI.
    • Meowscle’s Heavy AR: Enemy agent spawns at The Yacht POI.

The trick is — you need to drop into the new POIs fast, clear out as many enemy agents as you can, then defeat the named enemy agent and grab their loot. They’ll always drop their matching Mythic weapon and a Vault Card. Vault Cards are like treasure chests — they’ll mark a vault on your map that’s filled with even more amazing loot.

This is an interesting little mechanic that’s designed to reward players that dive straight into the action. Just don’t let other players take you out while you’re distracted by the NPCs.