Dying Light Update Brings In Story Mode

You’re likely all familiar with Dying Light. It’s a game that has been out for half a decade now and for fans, they are waiting for its sequel coming out later this year. However, Dying Light still gets an update every now and again with this latest update that was introduced to players actually bringing out a new difficulty mode. For fans that are wanting to enjoy the game without having to deal with much in terms of combat may find some use to the newly added Story Mode.

As mentioned, Dying Light 2 is coming out later this year and it’s going to have plenty of newcomers. With that said, this update may be aimed at players who want a quick refresher of the game narrative or newcomers that are wanting to quickly make their way through the first installment so that they can dive into Dying Light 2.

At any rate, the new update brings out a Story Mode which will significantly increase the attack power for players along with their items. Likewise, the enemy difficulty and damage have been reduced with airdrops now remaining on the map for a longer duration of time, decease the night cycle while boosting the amount of time players are able to spend in the daylight. 

It’s quite a significant change-up for those that are wanting to enjoy the game with an easier difficulty mode. For now, the update is live and can be enjoyed though if you’re wanting to go through the game quickly, you may find that you’ll have a long wait before Dying Light 2 is released. At the moment, there is no release date attached to the game but we do know it will be releasing for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms.

Source: PlayStation LifeStyle