Tony Hawk Pro Skater Makes A Return Via A Documentary Film

The Tony Hawk Pro Skater series got its start back in 1999 and it’s one that so many gamers around the world remember fondly. It’s a series that put players on a skateboard doing all sorts of unique and over-the-top tricks and over the years the series made several installments and even spin-offs. There was seemingly no stopping the franchise and with the likes of Tony Hawk being the frontman for the games, each release had plenty of hype behind it. 

While the game series had dried up a bit and we haven’t really seen an urge to bring the series back, there are a few who worked behind the scenes over the years that have a story to tell. In fact, the story has been filmed and ready to be unveiled as Tony Hawk alerted fans on his personal Twitter account. A former producer behind the series had made a film called Pretending I’m A Superman which will tell the backstory of the Tony Hawk line of skateboarding games.

It has certainly gained quite a bit of attention online and there are plenty of people that would be interested in sitting down to watch the film. The documentary will first hit the Mammoth Film Fest which is held next week. From there it will likely find its way out to a public release.

For an iconic video game franchise, it will be interesting to hear some stories and background information behind the development process. If you’re interested in checking out the trailer for the documentary, you can do so through the video embedded above.

Source: YouTube