Horizon Zero Dawn: How To Open All Holo Lock Puzzles | Solutions Guide

After finding your Focus device in Horizon Zero Dawn, you’ll almost immediately stumble into your first holo lock puzzle. These puzzles consist of multiple holographic rings you’ll need to spin clockwise (or counter-clockwise), positioning the red side in the proper direction for each “tumbler” — get all the dials right, at the door will unlock. These are a pretty common puzzle, and we totally know how hard it is trying to solve puzzles when you just want to get back into the action.

Here, we’re going to document solutions for every single puzzle. Well, okay, we’re skipping the first “puzzle”, when there’s only one dial, the solution is super simple. Just keep turning it until you get the right answer. It isn’t until later, when multiple dials are introduced, that things get way trickier. Check out all the solutions below.

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How To Open All Holo Lock Puzzles | Solutions Guide

Holo Puzzles are characterized by blue dials that can be turned clockwise (or counter-clockwise) — there are multiple dials, and you’ll have to turn the tumblers in the right direction for each dial to solve the puzzle. Below, we’ll list the proper direction for each dial from left to right.

[Work-in-Progress: We’ll add more puzzle solutions as we find them.]

  • Puzzle #1:
    • Location: ‘The Grave-Hoard’ Quest – Restore Power to the Ancient Door
    • Solutions:
      • Red Circles Clue: Up | Right | Left | Down
      • Blue Circles Clue: Up | Up | Down | Down
      • Blue W/ Red Lines Clue: Up | Down | Left | Right
  • Puzzle #2:
    • Location: ‘Deep Secrets of the Earth’ Quest – Restore Power to the Door
      • Solutions:
        • Red Pointers Clue: Left | Up | Left | Down | Right
        • After Using Power Cell: Down | Left | Up | Right | Right
  • Puzzle #3:
    • Location: ‘Ancient Armory’ Side-Quest
      • Solutions:
        • 1st Power Cell Lock: Up | Right | Down | Left | Up
        • 2nd Power Cell Lock: Right | Left | Up | Right | Left

There’s always a clue somewhere to help solve these puzzles. Look at the holographic projections to the left or right of the puzzle locks for help.