Dishonored 2: Weapon & Gadget Blueprints Locations | Upgrades Guide

Table of Contents

Mission 5: The Royal Conservatory


  • Blueprint #9: Reverberation Tubing – Enter the upper floor apartment to the right (and opposite) of the Conservatory — down the street and protected by an alarm. Upstairs you’ll find a workshop with a Bonecharm and a blueprint on the desk. This is where you’ll need to go for the ‘Assist the Shopkeeper’ side mission.
  • Blueprint #10: Triggered Housing – In the library, go to the back-right room (a workshop with an inactive Wall of Light) — grab the blueprint from the desk.
  • Blueprint #11: Configurable Grooving – Bring the shopkeeper the prototype found in the Conservatory to gain this blueprint.
  • Blueprint #12: Slug-Splintering Wedges – Found directly on Breanna Ashworth’s desk in her office.

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