Dishonored 2: Weapon & Gadget Blueprints Locations | Upgrades Guide

Table of Contents

Mission 4: The Clockwork Mansion


  • Blueprint #6: Pyro-Sonic Casing – Found inside the locked room in the Station before reaching the mansion proper. You can purchase the key to this room from the Black Market vendor for 250 gold.
  • Blueprint #7: Alloy Polarization – After riding the tram to the Upper District, enter the building to your right (the Grand Guard station) and climb up to the third floor. Go through the brown wooden door into an office with three tables. The blueprint is on the center table.
  • Blueprint #8: Conductive Elements – In the glass guest area, go to the right area and use the switch to swap the sitting room with the office. The blueprint is on the large desk.

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