Black Ops 3: Revelations – How to Build the Dragon Shield | All 9 Locations


Shields are back in Black Ops 3, and the Dragon Shield for Revelations is an instant requirement if you want to unlock awesome upgrades like the Shadow Mask.

Even if you’re not an Easter egg hunter, the Dragon Shield is a great weapon for casual fun, and just about anyone can unlock it — even solo, but you’ll probably need to know where to look to get all three parts. Find all the potential spawn locations with the quickie text guide below.

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Dragon Shield Guide

The Dragon Shield is back. Like always, the massive shield protects your face from frontal zombie / monster attacks, and gets its own powerful bash melee along with an energy blast to send annoying opponents backwards.

Getting the Dragon Shield is pretty much required at some point. If you want to actually craft the thing, you’ll need to reach a special crafting table located in the Nacht der Untoten section of the map. The table itself is found on the second floor, near the stairs down to the tombstone room.

  • How to Reach Nacht der Untoten: “Override” one of the four Corruption Engines located in the ancient ruins with the blue energy pylons. It costs 500 points to activate the skull altar and a special wave of enemies will appear. Survive / fight long enough and a teleport door will open nearby. Go through to access the Nacht der Untoten structure.

Like other craft-able items in Zombies, the Dragon Shield requires three pieces to craft. These three pieces all have three spawn locations scattered around the map.

Dragon Shield Part Locations

Note: Only three shield parts are required to construct the shield, but each part will spawn in one of three locations.

  • Shield Part #1:
    • Origins: On the corrugated metal to the left as you enter the area through the spawn jump-pad. From the entrance, it can also appear up the left hill, attached to a large wooden crate with a lamp on it against the right wall. The third location is down the right path from the spawn jump-pad. Look to the right for a wooden chair near shelves in the trench.
  • Shield Part #2:
    • Verruckt: Can appear in the kitchen near the Origins jump-pad, on the center island. Next, go to the stairwell with the metal fencing around it and head into the back-left corner. There’s a pile of chairs and other debris where the part can appear. The final location is down the stairwell on one of the white /red pillars near the door to the exterior Verruckt Corruption Engine.
  • Shield Part #3:
    • NOTE: To activate anti-gravity, stand on the four pressure plates for a few seconds until they permanently light up in the pyramid chamber. 
    • Der Eisendrache: Activate anti-gravity to wall-run and jump high to reach these parts. From the Corruption Engine, follow the right path and look to the right wall for a bronze circular fixture high up on the wall. Wall-run to reach the part if it appears above the bronze device. It can also appear further down this path and around the left corner. The last location is down the left path from the Corruption Engine, on the right wall with the in-laid wall columns. This is also where the pink chalk spawns.

Collect all three parts and return to Nacht der Untoten to complete the shield and wield it for yourself. It’s required if you’re looking to unlock masks and other Easter egg secrets in Revelations.

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