Black Ops 3: Revelations – How to Unlock Bonus Melee Weapons


Earn four upgraded melee attack in the Revelations map included in the Black Ops 3: Salvation DLC and insta-kill higher-round zombies. By completing time trials and finishing rounds fast, you and your buddies can unlock powerful new melee weapons inspired by the DLC of yesteryear.

The time limits are pretty tight, but if you want to save ammo and smash zombies late in your online sessions, these melee weapons are a must. Starting off with the slow nunchuck, you’ll get a chance to kill zombies in one hit until about round 10, then it’s time to switch to the medieval mace called the Skull Splitter. The Buzz Cut makes a return in Round 15, and the handheld blades of the Nightbreaker are your ultimate weapon at Round 20.

While these time trials (apparently) aren’t listed, other challenges can be found in the Nacht Der Untoten section of the map. To access that area, find one of the Corruption Engines and “override” it to open a portal to the center of the swirling chaos. That’s where you’ll find four tomb stones, and a bunch more challenges.

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How to Unlock Bonus Melee Weapons

There are four unlockable melee weapons that add an improved close-range attack to your arsenal. Each successive melee weapon upgrade is better than the last — faster animations, more power for one-hit zombie kills, etc.

To earn bonus melee weapons, you’ll have to complete rounds under a time-limit. Once unlocked, new melee weapons are collected inside the Shangri-La temple. Clear the floating debris at the stairs and find the melee weapon holder to the right, inside the very top of the pyramid-like temple.

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Melee Weapons spawn on this board when unlocked.

Note: Each bonus melee weapon must be purchased — they cost 100 / 200 / 300 / 400 points respectively.

  • Time Trial Requirements:
    • Nunchucks: 5 Rounds in less than 5 Minutes.
    • Skull Splitter: 10 Rounds in less than 12 Minutes.
    • Buzz Cut: 15 Rounds in less than 22 Minutes.
    • Nightbreaker: 20 Rounds in less than 32 Minutes.

Each melee weapon is an upgrade over the previous one in the list. Unlike your regular knife, these melee weapons replace one of your weapon slots. They all feature their own special animations, too — hold [PS4: Square / XBO: X] or the Reload button to watch your new weapon in action.

Do these weapons have a nefarious purpose, or are they just time trial rewards? We’ll let you know if there’s more, especially if they’re required to complete the massive final Easter egg in Black Ops 3.

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