Black Ops 3: Revelations – How to Unlock All 8 Hats | Locations Guide


Hats don’t just change what’s on your head in Revelation, they change your entire character for the better. Your thumbnail profile image switches to show off your find — and all these hats are related to the previous zombie maps. Learn how to find all the different hats in the final DLC for Black Ops 3 with the complete “Wardrobe Change” guide below.

Earning the “Wardrobe Change” achievement / trophy requires that your character, whoever they are, find and wear three different hats. Hats aren’t really like the helmets from Gorod Krovi, you’ll have to track down the hat location instead of defeating boss zombies. Some locations have alternate requirements to reach, like turning on the low-gravity in Der Eisendrache. Whatever it takes, we’ll offer a full explanation.

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Hat Locations | Wardrobe Change Guide

COMPLETE: All hat / helmet / mask locations are now accounted for.

There are EIGHT hats in Revelations, some sporting a special bonus for equipping. To equip a mask, simply approach it and hold [Square / X / Reload Key] — it’s just like removing barriers or grabbing collectibles.

  • Al’s Hat: No special bonus.
  • Wolf Mask: Sprint Duration Increased
  • Keeper Mask: +1 Zombie hits, 50% damage reduction from enslaved keepers, 33% more damage from players to enslaved keepers, and keeper protector lasts 50% longer.
  • Viking Helmet: +1 Zombie hits
  • Margwa Mask: +50% damage reduction from Margwa, 33% more damage from players to Margwa, Sprint Duration Increased
  • Shadow Mask: +1 hit from all enemies, Sprint Duration Increased, 50% more damage from players to all enemies, 33% damage reduction from all enemies.
  • Templar Helmet: +50% damage reduction from all Boss attacks, 33% more damage from players to bosses, no damage from elemental zombies’ death effects, Sprint Duration Increased.
  • Fury Mask: 33% damage reduction from fury melee attacks, 50% more damage from players to Furies, +1 hit from Zombies.

To unlock the “Wardrobe Change” achievement, you’ll only need to find and equip (any) 3 hats.

Work-in-Progress: Check back soon once we uncover the exact steps required to unlock the Templar and Fury hats.

Al’s Hat

To grab this hat, all you have to do is find it in the Mob of the Dead prison area. If you’re like us, you simply stumbled into it while exploring.

Grab Al’s Hat in this cell, next to the Origins door.
  1. Go to the Mob of the Dead cell block, the prison-like area with the exposed Corruption Engine.
    • This area is connected by an underground shaft in Origins. Take the left-path from the spawn to reach it faster.
  2. Cross the room after entering through the infirmary, and take the stairs up into a dark hallway. The wall on the right is marked with a “No Man’s Land” sign.
  3. At the far end of this hallway, there’s a single open cell that’s projecting light. This is the cell found on the left of the door to Origins that only opens after powering the area.
  4. Al’s Hat is found on the small table inside the cell.

Wolf Mask Hat

This mask requires some work to get. Follow these steps to successfully collect it.

Throw the grenade in the crack at the top of this wall.
  1. Activate Low Gravity in the Der Eisendrache pyramid room, found near the Corruption Engine.
    • To activate Low Gravity, stand on the four pressure plates around the pyramid until they stay lit. The plates will sink into the ground and light up immediately after stepping onto them.
    • Two or three plates can easily be activated between rounds if you’re playing solo.
  2. Throw a grenade into the cracked wall to summon a skull.
    • Facing away from the Corruption Engine, take the right path out of the pyramid room and look to the right wall with several cubby indentations containing skulls.
    • Right above these shelves is a cracked wall between two lit torches. Throw the grenade in there.
  3. Charge the skull.
    • Kill zombies near the skull to charge it with energy. Keep killing until the skull disappears.
  4. Collect the hat in the Kino der Toten theater, connected through the double doors in the pyramid room.
    • Behind the two large standees, on the raised section at the back of the stage with a large map of the theater, you’ll find a mannequin that’s now sporting a wolf mask to the left of the map.

That’s a lot of work for one hat. You’ll get Improved Spring Duration for equipping it.

Keeper Hat

Like the Wolf Mask Hat, this Keeper Hat takes a few tricky steps to unlock.

The Wolf Mask and the Keeper Mask both spawn on mannequins around this platform, behind the stage.
  1. Collect all three Summoning Altar pieces and build the Keeper Protector Altar.
    • Once all three pieces are collected, return to one of the strange stone wall-tablets. These mounting stones are all over the map, but one can be find behind the stage in Kino der Toten.
      • Altar Part #1:
        • Mob of the Dead: The part can spawn in the Cafeteria near the Mule-Kick machine.
        • Origins: Through the lower trenches door, look to the sandbags on the right as you move up the hill. Can also be found near through the upper door but before entering the mine shaft that leads to Mob of the Dead.
      • Altar Part #2:
        • Verruckt: In a wheelchair near the jump-pad connection to Mob of the Dead. Can also spawn on the upper level, at the top of the stairs overlooking the Corruption Altar. Also found on a wheelchair, near a burning wall. Can also be found on some metal shelves on the lower level very close to the door that leads in/out of the Corruption Altar area.
      • Altar Part #3:
        • Kino der Toten: Found on a round table near the jump-pad connection to Verruckt.
        • Der Eisendrache: Can spawn on the floating stone ruins near the central pyramid structure in the ruins area connected to the Corruption Altar. Can also be found down the steps in the circular room where the Mystery Box will sometimes spawn. As you enter, look right and check the barrels.
    • You can now craft the Keeper Protector Altar.
  2. Completing the Altar will summon a Keeper ally. Let it kill two dozen zombies or so.
    • The Keeper is incredibly powerful and will float near you until it spots zombies, then it goes on an all-out attack.
    • After 20+ zombie kills, the final hat will spawn.
  3. The Keeper Hat appears in Kino der Toten, on the same platform where you’ll find the Wolf Mask Hat. This one is also located on a mannequin, this time it’s on the right of the large theater map.

Grab three hats and you’ll unlock the “Wardrobe Change” achievement / trophy. Also, you’ll gain some other powerful abilities — +1 hit from zombies, 50% damage reduction from enslaved keepers, Player does 33% more damage to enslaved keepers, and Keeper protector lasts 30 seconds longer.

Viking Hat

To earn this hat, you’ll need to shoot a very specific sequence into the clock in Der Eisendrache, earn zombie headshots near four earns, then collect the hat in Kino der Toten. Here are all the nitty-gritty details.

  1. Go to Der Eisendrache and shoot a sequence of numbers into the clockface — 9, 3, 5.
    • The clockface can be seen while standing in the Corruption Engine area. Turn toward the pyramid and look up and left — the clock is very large and hanging high in the sky with a bright blue face.
    • Shoot the sequence of numbers; 9, 3, 5. A bell will ring to let you know you’re successful.
  2. Find four glowing urns located across the map. Get 6 zombie headshots near urns to feed them souls.
    • Activate the urns in the following four locations by getting headshots. A soul will fly into the urn. Once all four urns are powered-up, the Viking Hat will unlock.
      • Urn #1: The first urn is found on the stone step wall of Der Eisendrache, between the Pyramid Room and Shangri-La, next to the stairs to the Mystery Box spawn room.
      • Urn #2: On a shelf in the projection room of Kino der Toten.
      • Urn #3: Inside the bloody kitchen room in Verruckt, on an oven.
      • Urn #4: Found near the jump-pad to the spawn area, inside a wooden-roofed bunker section of Origins. It is on a round table with two chairs in a corner.
    • Viking horns will blare after completing all four urns.
  3. Return to Kino der Toten to find the Viking Helmet on a mannequin behind the two standees on the main stage.
    • This one is further right of the large platform with the map of the theater.

Collecting the Viking Hat provides a permanent Jugger-nug perk, giving you an instant +1 zombies hit.

Margwa Hat

This hat is similar to Gorod Krovi, in that you only need to kill enough boss monsters to unlock it. As you progress through rounds, giant tentacle monsters with three heads will spawn. These are the Margwa.

  1. Kill all types of Margwa (Fire, Void, Normal).
    • Margwa spawn around round 7-8 and will continue to spawn every few rounds after, usually with a period of rest before these unstoppable creatures return.
    • Margwa have three heads, and can only be killed once you’ve destroyed all three gaping mouths.
    • There are multiple colored Margwa. Normally you’ll see red first.
    • Once you’ve killed all the different colored types, a roar can be heard.
  2. Return to Kino der Toten and collect the Margwa Hat from the mannequin on the stage.
    • This time, you’ll find the mannequin to the left of the large platform with the theater map.

The Margwa Hat gives you an impressive monster-face and plenty of permanent upgrades. You’ll gain increased sprint duration, dish out more damage to Margwa’s, and take less damage from them too.

Shadow Mask

The best mask in the game is also the toughest to unlock. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Enter the giant Apothicon / Pack-a-Punch Room.
    • To enter the Apothicon, you’ll need to activate all four Corruption Engines, then travel to Nacht der Untoten and use the glowing green terminal to trap the creature. Take the stairs to the right to enter it. Follow the guide below for all the details you’ll need.
    • Black Ops 3: Revelations – How to Enter the Apothicon
  2. Use the Dragon Shield or other melee attacks to kill enemies inside the Apothicon.
    • While inside the Apothicon, wait until you hear the creature growl. Green mist will spread from the pool of stomach acid in the lowest section of the chamber.
    • Down in the monster’s stomach acid, you’ll need to earn a certain number and type of kill with melee weapons only. These kills will only count if you’re standing in the green goo.
      • Kill 3 flying parasites with knife melee attacks.
      • Kill 3 spiders with the Dragon Shield.
      • Kill 3 Margwa types (Fire, Void, Normal) with the Dragon Shield blast.
        • Only the last (third) head must be destroyed with the Dragon Shield blast.
      • Kill enslaved keepers with headshots.
      • Shoot the metal mask off a Panzer.
      • Kill furies with knife / Dragon Shield melee or blasts.
    • After each successful sequence, the Apothicon will roar.
  3. Return to Kino der Toten and check the mannequin to the left of the front-facing steps to the platform with the theater map.

The best mask comes will all the best perks. You’ll have damage resistance against every type of enemy, along with extra damage to all types, the ability to survive more hits, and a sprint upgrade. It’ll take a long time to earn — upwards of 40 rounds can be required.

Templar Helmet

The powerful knight helmet has a few requirements to unlock — first requiring traps.

  1. Get 50-100 Kills with Traps
    • Traps can only be activated from red boxes after the power has been restored in the area. To restore power, find your local island’s Corruption Engine and override it for 500 points. Each Corruption Engine will only restore power to the island it occupies.
    • Use the spinning chain trap in Origins or the electricity trap in Verruckt.
      • Use the Lil’ Arnie Wonder Weapon (Mystery Box) to easily lure zombies into traps.
    • Listen for a sound while killing with traps that indicates you’ve finished this part of the challenge.
  2. Shoot the metal mask & power core of a Panzer boss.
    • The heavily armored walking tanks called Panzers are announced by the Shadow Man when they appear. Shoot the face mask off first.
    • Next, shoot the glowing blue power core in the chest twice.
  3. Return to Kino der Toten to find the Templar Helmet behind the stage.
    • Check the mannequin to the right of the map platform.

Not as tough as other masks, and a very valuable reward in the long run.

Fury Mask

One of the easier masks, this one is related to the Apothicon Furies — the demonic creature that first appear during Special Rounds, or after overring a Corruption Engine. To unlock this hat, all you have to do is:

  • Headshot 15+ Furies

Find the hat with the rest — on a mannequin behind the stage in the Kino der Toten theater area.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked:

  • Wardrobe Change
    • In Revelations, wear three different hats.

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